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"The Legend Of Sleep Over"™ is a popular game by Droxers5555. In game, people can dare others in a Truth or Dare game, can start pillow fights, sleep or just hang out. It was created on February 28, 2013 where it currently achieved just under 250,000 visits as well as 7,000 favorites.

Music PlayerEdit

The game includes a music player where players can choose what music to play out of the list. In game, there is also a music player which plays a variety of songs. By clicking on the plus sign, it opens the full list where the player may choose what to listen to. The list includes:

  • SM64 Theme
  • Pokemon Theme
  • Fire Emblem
  • Rickroll
  • LOL
  • Halo Theme
  • M.U.L.E
  • Shimmy (DjD) (Broken)
  • Coward Killing Time (Broken)
  • The Lost Woods (Broken)
  • 8-Bit Cave (Broken)
  • Cry (Broken)
  • Broked It (Broken)
  • Runaway (Broken)

When the song ends, it will just restart, as if it is on a loop. There are several songs in the list which is currently broken, such as Runaway, Broked It and Cry. As such, the creator is currently fixing them.


There are currently 5 rules which has to be moderated in the game.

  1. No spam in comments.
  2. No online dating.
  3. No inappropriate things.
  4. Don't say bad words.
  5. If you see some people doing this inappropriate things please report them, know the game.


The game has had many updates. The current update is "The_Legend_Of_Sleep_Over"™ v2.28.13. On 3 June, 2013, the game updated with the music player in which players can listen to music while hanging out with other ROBLOXians in-game.


Players can start a pillow fight with pillows to throw at others. There are unlimited pillows and can be accessed by pressing 1 or clicking the pillow icon in the GUI. While pressing 1, players can aim the pillow at others by clicking on where they want to aim it at.

Sleep (action)Edit

The sleeping action can be accessed by pressing 2 or clicking the sleeping icon in the GUI. When pressing 2, players start to lean forward and fall onto the ground as if they are actually sleeping. This is considered to be the least used GUI action in the game.


The torch can be accessed by pressing 3 or clicking the torch icon in the GUI. Players can light a room when holding a torch. This is best used when the player is outside of the house because inside the house would already have lights.

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