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★ ROBLOX Rodeo ★ is a game by PizzaMan1000 created on July 2, 2009. Players ride on blocks which portrays bulls and earn points to be the highest scorer in the server. Players can also earn badges. The more points you get the more stuff you can buy from a shop. There are banjos, burgers, and even a run tool. Players can also use the lasso tool to stop the bull. Players can also use their surroundings to stop the bull from running away.


There are four badges in total.

IconNameDescriptionCreation date
BlockRiderBadgeBlock Rider3000 PointsOctober 8, 2009
ProfessionalBlockRiderBadgeProfessional Block RiderGet 9001 points by riding the blocks. ITS OVAR 9000!!!!!July 13, 2009
EpicBlockRiderBadgeEpic Block Rider10,000 Points! Now that's Epic.November 8, 2009
MasterBlockRiderBadgeMaster Block Rider15,000 Points O_oNovember 24, 2009



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Clockwork000000's Place ★ ROBLOX Rodeo ★ (PizzaMan1000) jadedsword09's Place
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