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Dynamic Flight Simulator is an old flight simulator built by simcityweegee back in 2012. Currently, the game has been shut down, and will probably never come back.



Pilots in ✈Dynamic Flight Simulator✈™ can fly a nurmerous amount of different passenger planes to different destinations. They collect more money when piloting an airplane. Pilots are the main role in the game, ✈Dynamic Flight Simulator✈™.

Pilots can drive the airplanes using the arrow keys and left-click, as well as moving the mouse around to guide the plane.


Passengers don't have a role in ✈Dynamic Flight Simulator✈™. They can simply roam around the place and enter planes. They can run, by pressing 1, to walk faster.

Air Traffic ControlEdit

Air Traffic Control users have an important role in the game, since they are the ones that direct air traffic in the game. Although they don't earn as much cash as the pilots, they are the ones responsible for preventing crashes by any airliners that go out of control.


Money is earned by staying in the game. Money is earned every five seconds and can vary between earning 5 cash to earning 10 cash. VIP members can access the lottery tool, which gives them $1000 when touched.


Dynamic Flight Simulator has one of the largest plane varieties in Roblox, featuring over 35 different plane models. Unlike most popular flight simulator games on Roblox, this one features planes that are brick shaped, different from the usual mesh planes that are widely used. Planes are designed to be mainly civil based, except for a few exceptions on the aircraft carrier. The top speed of usually half of what they are in real life, due to the scaled down size of the game.


There are currently 6 different airports in Dynamic Flight Simulator, including the aircraft carrier. Each airport consists of 1 runway, with the exception of New Port City Int', which consists of 2. All of the airports in the game are located close to the starter one, so spending time flying around the world is reduced. The other airports feature planes that are not found at the starter ones, like larger ones such as the 747 and the A380.

Jacksonville Int'Edit

This airport is located at the center of the map, and is currently the starter airport in the game. This airport is medium sized, so it contains mainly of short to medium range jets, like the A321 and the CRJ-200. There is an exception of the helecopter that does not fit in the criteria of the airport. This airport features a gift shop that users can spend money to get items, such as sodas and noobtubes. This airport also features a VIP room that visitors can enter into if they have the gamepass.

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