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Base Wars
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Base Wars: The Land is a first person shooter (FPS) war game made on September 17, 2009 by Dark886 , who is currently using the account d4rk886 due to losing access to his original account, although he had already gained back access to his old account. His brother, 885sdwsdw, and friend, juno12345, had contributed to helping him make the game. D4rk886's brother, 885sdwsdw, helped create the artwork of the game, while juno12345 helped with the creation of weapons of the game. As of May 2013, Base Wars has accumulated over 25.2 million visits and over 300,000 favorites. Base Wars: The Land is currently the most visited game on ROBLOX and is the first game on ROBLOX to get over 20 million place visits. Base Wars: The Land has been on the front page continuously for over 1 year and has been mentioned in the blog more than once, including being spotlighted in a blog post focused on d4rk886 and his games.

The game itself revolves around capturing the enemy's flag by taking it and returning it to the team's own base. The game features a variety of preset loadouts for players; however, players also have the ability to create customized loadouts.

Base Wars has been constantly updated with new weapons and bug fixes since the creation of the game; however, the place is now seldom updated, due to d4rk886 losing interest in ROBLOX.

The game won the award for "User's Choice Game of the Year" at the Roblox Game Conference 2012.

Classes and weaponsEdit

Base Wars features a variety of loadouts that can be chosen by the player. However, there are only 3 loadouts available to the player upon joining: the rifleman, shotgunner, and M16 infantry loadouts. The player, as he amasses around an open-combat environment in which two teams, yellow and green, duel to the death and attempt kills, money, and improves their kill-to-death ratio, will eventually gain access to other loadouts. Cash can be earned by killing an enemy or capturing the enemy team's flag. Gaining consecutive kills in a single life will increase the amount of money collected from each opponent. The game's customizable loadout system allows the player to use any combination of weapons, each of which are purchased with kills and money. Every single weapon is unique in its own way. For example, the dkSR-50, a tier 1 assault rifle, features a mounted grenade launcher that shoots explosive projectiles that fly forward in a straight line and functions similarly to the rocket launcher.

Preset classesEdit

Tier 1 weaponsEdit

Class NameKOs requiredCash requiredDamagePrimary weapon/special
Rifleman N/A N/A 50 1800 Hunting Rifle
Shot Gunner N/A N/A 10 X 12 Remington Model 870 shotgun
M16 Infantry N/A N/A 22 M16 assault rifle
Infanty (AK47) 3 N/A 30 AK-47 assault rifle
Sniper 5 N/A 90 Heckler & Koch PSG-1 sniper rifle
Military Supplies 8 100 15 Supply Camp (Includes a Health Pad and Ammunition Restock Pad)
Rage Assassin 18 N/A 8 Dual Uzi submachine gun
Chains' Murder 60 N/A 20 Dual Vulcan Chainguns
Elite Infanty 10 N/A 25 dkMG-14 Submachine Gun
Elite Shot gunner 10 N/A 12 X 12 dkSG-12 Shotgun
Elite Sniper 15 N/A 110 dkSP-16 Sniper Rifle
Elite Heavy Infantry 16 N/A 30 dkH-16 Light Machine Gun
Assassin 14 N/A 15 20 speed
Special Infanty 50 N/A 25 dkSR-50 Assault Rifle with Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher Mount
Chinese Infantry 45 N/A 30 QBZ-95 bullpup rifle
Elite Rifler 40 N/A 30 XM8 assault rifle
Turret Assembly 10 1,000 60 Portable Turret
Rocket Infantry




Rocket Launcher

Grenade Launcher




Milkor M32 MGL grenade launcher





M2 flamethrower





Landmine, Bomb






Secret Sniper




SVD Dragunov sniper rifle

Secret Infantry




dkASG-36 Fully Automatic Shotgun

Secret Assassin




32 speed

Note: All preset VIP classes are on this page.

Tier 2 weaponsEdit

Class NameKOs requiredCash requiredDamagePrimary weapon/special
Kar98k 10 N/A 80 Karabiner 98 Kurz Bolt Action Rifle
Sten MK-2 20 N/A 22 Sten Mark 2 Submachine Gun
Thompson Gun 30 N/A 30 M1A1 Thompson Submachine Gun
F2000 160 N/A 25 FN F2000 Bullpup Rifle
F2000+EM-500 200 N/A 25 FN F2000 Bullpup Rifle
L115 200 N/A 220 L115A1 Sniper Rifle
L115+EM-500 250 N/A 220 L115A1 Sniper Rifle
Dual EM-500 300 N/A 40 Dual Smith & Wesson Model 500 Revolver
MP7A1 350 N/A 20 Heckler & Koch MP7A1 Submachine Gun
SPAS(Heavy Shotgun) 150 N/A 25X12 Franchi SPAS-12 Shotgun
JuMG-1 500 N/A 40 JuMG-1 Light Machine Gun
HK417(Auto Sniper) 600 N/A 40 Heckler & Koch HK417 Battle Rifle
M249 Flame Edition 600 N/A 30 M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) Flame Light Machine Gun
Master of Pistol (Dual EM-500 C) 800 N/A 40 Dual Smith & Wesson Model 500 C Revolver
JuASG-01 1,000 N/A 15 X 12 JuASG-01 Fully Automatic Shotgun
JuLK-01 1,600 N/A 30 JuLK-01 Submachine Gun
BW-GL2 1,800 1,200 200 BW-GL2 Grenade Launcher


1,000 450 BW-RL2 Rocket Launcher
Demolisher 3,000 1,500 10 To 450 Damage Anti-explosive armor(adds resistance to explosive damage, changes maximum healthpoints to 150)
Archer 5 N/A 65 Armor pircing Bow and Arrow
Juno's Crossbow 200 N/A 120 Armor pircing Crossbow
Juno's AutoCrossbow 1,200 N/A 120 Armor pricing Fully Automatic Crossbow


22,000 25 X 12 Heavy Armor(Gives 1000 Health and 12 Walkspeed to User. Spas 12)
JU-36 4,000 N/A 60

JU-36 Assault Rifle

SVD Golden 1,000 N/A 95 SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle Golden Edition
L115 Golden 1,200 N/A 330 L115A1 Sniper Rifle Golden Edition

XM8 Golden

1,200 N/A 45 XM8 Assault Rifle Golden Edition
MP7A1 Golden 1,200 N/A 30 Heckler & Koch MP7A1 Submachine Gun Golden Edition
HK417 Silver

1,500( needs 4.0 KDR rate)

N/A 55 Heckler & Koch HK417 Battle Rifle Silver Edition
Master of Assassin 5,000 N/A Up to 88 dmg Speed Potion and 32 Walkspeed

Page 3Edit

Class NameKOs requiredCash requiredDamagePrimary weapon/special
SG550 1,500 N/A 50 SIG SG 550 Assault Rifle
Flame weapons Package 50,000 N/A up to 600 SPAS-12 Flame Edition, BWSR1 Flame Edition, and MP7A1 Flame Edition
Heavy Turret 500 50000 80 Assault Turret
Heavy Turret 6,500 500 80 Assault Turret

Customized weaponsEdit

Class NameKOs requiredDamage
Dual-Barrel Shotgun 5,000 40 X 12
AK47 Black Edition 1,750 60
SCAR 1,000 50
G36 1,750 60
BWSR-1 Flame 12,500 350
XM8 Camo 1,750 60
G36 Antique 4,500


JU-36 1,750 60
M16 Infantry


M249-Flame 275 30
BWSR-1 7500 75
MG42-Flame 1500 40
SPAS-12 275 25 X12
DKSP-16 16 110
HK417-S-Flame  3000 65(headshot + 575)
M6A2 Gold 750 50
M6A2 300 40


Base wars features a Call of Duty/Battlefield gameplay with various tiers of weapons and armors.

In Base Wars, players can fight other enemies using their weapons, but besides the ability to use weaponry, players can also control land, air, and sea vehicles, such as tanks, helicopters, planes, submarines, and boats to fight enemies.

Kills are tracked in the killfeed, which has the ability to show up to 10 recent kills made by players on the server; each entry in the killfeed contains information about the team of the killer/victim, the weapon/vehicle/apparatus by which the kill was made, and the distance between the killer and victim, which is calculated in stud units. If a killfeed entry displays a hat icon, this implies that the damage that killed the target was made with a headshot, or that it landed upon the victim's head. Killfeed entries can also indicate a 'suicide', which means that the player has died without being killed by an enemy player. An example of a 'suicide' is a player resetting. Unlike an actual kill, a suicide only shows the name of the killed player, and the text for the cause of death of the target is shown as "(Suicide)".

The more common game mode is known as called "Capture the Flag", or "CTF". Players must successfully retrieve the enemy's flag and bring it back to their base's flagstand without dying - if the player is killed while holding the enemy's flag, the enemy can return it back to its original area by walking on it; however, should a player successfully capture a flag, a notification will appear to the entire server awarding the player who captured the flag 4,000 cash, and awarding the team of the player team 2,000 cash.

A sub-game mode known as "Capture the Base" is also implemented. A base in the middle of the ocean can be captured by either team by stepping on a "control block" located within the base, which players can instantly spawn in if their team controls the fortress. The base provides regenerative areas for vehicles and turrets, but uniquely sports an "Über Turret", which can easily destroy the enemy team from afar - however, unlike regular turrets, Über Turrets require cash to be repaired.

Supply camps that can separately resupply the player's health and/or ammunition by stepping on the respective plates are present in a few areas, including the top area of the bases, as well as inside and on the roof of the ocean base, but can also be placed by the player using a "supply camp" tool, which requires some cash and a space for special equipment in the player's custom weapon loadout, or using the Military Supplies preset loadout.

There is no actual goal in this game, yet the basic concept is to accumulate as much knockouts as possible while keeping wipeouts low, and/or to try to capture the flag/base.


Overview of the AreaEdit

The area in Base War is simply a grassy land in the middle of a body of water and divided by a river, with a line of mountain and sand stretched across the edge of the land. Long trenches and a flat area for land vehicles run across the grassy land, along with three gray bridges which cross the river. Two four-story bases with an underground area and tunnel below it are facing each other; one of them is colored yellow and the other is colored green. Adjacent to both bases are two gray "sniper towers" with two tall trusses that can be climbed up to access them.

An isolated island with a gray base is located in the ocean, which contains a capture-able player spawn area, two supply camps (one inside and one on the roof of the fortress), as well as some air/sea vehicle and turret spawners.

A long underground tunnel is present, with four conveyor belts total in the tunnel to speed up travel. Two of the conveyor belts that move players at different directions can be found on each side of the tunnel. In between the conveyor belts, ruined walls block some of the area, which can be used for cover in combat. The only way to enter or exit the underground tunnel is by going through a hole in a wall located in the bases' basements.

A row of mountains sitting besides a waterfall is present, facing the area all the way to the island. The mountains contain beams of trusses (for climbing up to some of the mountains), holes in between boulders (for hiding or possibly using the player's own weapon to slay enemies from afar), and a secret area right behind the source of the waterfall containing a golden statue of d4rk886, where the player can earn a hidden badge, which is near the statue. Mountains provide great cover for snipers and players who do not want to risk getting killed by enemies on their way to a base, although some players can detect and/or even attempt to hunt/take down enemies hiding in the mountains, due to the distinctive appearance of the characters who are hiding in the mountains.

Vantage PointsEdit

Some of the best vantage points are more obvious than what many players would typically think. Here are some of them in-game:

  • The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor holes in the base. Players are recommended to use a sniper rifle or any other weapons that can excel at medium to long range combat when attacking from this point.
  • The gray guard towers that are in close proximity of each base. These towers are an excellent place for using any weapons that are proficient in medium-long range (i.e. assault and sniper rifles).
  • There is one where you can move from side to side in front of your base and snipe, you can get most of the angles here.
  • In some of the small mounds of mountains overlooking the Yellow Team's main base, you can hide and camp there while using a Sub-MG or a sniper and shoot them through the bay, but make sure that you have an ammo and health supply up there.
  • The fortress at the Island through the window, or from the top.
  • The player can hide inside/near the trees and use any weapon that is suitable for medium/long range combat (although this technique is not used by many players, as it's not that effective)

Vehicles and turretsEdit

Every vehicles and turrets includes a tool for allowing specific controls for every vehicle/turret, such as launching missiles while in a fighter plane by pressing the r button while the tool for the plane is active, and firing the turret by pressing/holding the f button while the tool for the turret is active. Vehicles can help speed up travel throughout the land and/or provide attacks and/or defense against enemies, while turrets can provide support against enemies stationary, which means that it cannot move from one place to another. In addition, most weapons that are built in with the vehicle, such as the fully automatic machine guns, have unlimited ammunition, although some weapons require a cool-down of a few seconds, such as the rocket launchers, yet the only instance of a one-time only use is the fighter plane's bomb cargo.

Land vehiclesEdit

  • Tank: The tank is a large and slow-moving, but strong and powerful one-seated vehicle. The tank sports a cannon that fires a projectile which explodes on impact by pressing the f button and can aim by clicking/holding the left mouse button at the desired area. The tank has a great amount of health (2,000 healthpoints), making it a durable vehicle that can absorb a substantial amount of damage before breaking down. However, the disadvantage of the tank is that the large shape of the vehicle allows itself to be easily detected by allies and enemies alike, therefore, the tank can be seen as a rather detectable, but powerful and durable target. Although the tank is very durable, an enemy player can jump in through the top of the tank and potentially slay the driver without having to break through the tank's defenses to leave the driver vulnerable to enemy attack.
  • Jeep: The Jeep is a lightweight, fast, and bulky transportation vehicle that can carry up to 6 passengers and one driver. The vehicle is equipped with a fully automatic machine gun that can shoot at limited angles for attacking incoming enemies by clicking/holding the f button and/or aiming with the machine gun by clicking/holding the left mouse button. The lightweight and fast nature of the Jeep allows it to move around the land fast. However, the speed of the Jeep can trap the jeep in a trench or any tight space if the driver does not carefully maneuver through the field. Another disadvantage of the jeep is its rather low health of 500 healthpoints, making the jeep a rather fast but weak vehicle.
  • Artillery: The artillery is a support vehicle which consists of a one-seated small car that is connected to an usable artillery. The driver of the car can disconnect and set up the artillery at the desired area by pressing 'C'. The artillery can be used to provide stationary support by aiming at a limited angle by pressing/holding the left mouse button at the desired area and firing explosive artillery shells that can damage or even kill many enemy vehicles and/or players by pressing the f button. (Note: If the player is wearing armor, he/she may occasionally get stuck inside the seat of the drivers' cab. He/she will continue to be stuck until the driver's cab is destroyed by any methods. Some skilled players may often use this as an form of extra armor, which, despite being unable to jump out, is protected against arrows.)
  • Car: The car is an exclusive vehicle that is only accessible by d4rk886.

Air VehiclesEdit

  • Fighter plane: The fighter plane is a fast, agile one-seated airplane that is equipped with a machine gun, two missile launchers, and a bomb cargo. The pilot can shoot using the machine gun for an unlimited amount of time by pressing/holding the f button until the plane is destroyed. The rockets can be shot one at a time from right to left by pressing the r button, can home in to a targeted vehicle, and can regenerate after approximately 5 seconds. The plane can drop 2 bombs down its targeted area once by pressing the b button and cannot be dropped again. Given the fact that the plane is very fast and is equipped with powerful weapons, the fighter plane is considered as the most popular vehicle among many players. However, to balance the power, the fighter plane possesses a low health of 300 HP, making the fighter plane rather easy to destroy with many weapons. The pilot can still, however, be shot through the glass by an enemy with a weapon without the shooter having to destroy the pilot's plane.
  • Bomber plane: The bomber plane is a large, bulky two-seated plane that can drop explosive bombs that can destroy vehicles and/or even enemy players in a straight line by pressing the b button. Unlike the fighter plane, the bomber plane can drop bombs as many times as desired and drops more bombs than it. The vehicle can only attack by dropping bombs using its bomb cargo, making it rather vulnerable to other enemy players who would attempt to destroy the plane through various methods. In addition, while dropping the bombs, the bomber plane cannot move to a different direction until the plane finishes dropping them or is destroyed. Also, like the fighter plane, the bomber plane has a low health of 300 health points. The Bomber plane is very vulnerable to Fighter Jets, because of the capability of the Fighter Jets able to not only shoot, but fire rockets, making the Bomber Plane a rather easy target for said vehicles, since the Bomber Plane has no other defenses other than to drop bombs from below the plane.
  • Attack helicopter: The attack helicopter is a small one-seated helicopter that can hover at an area, allowing it to stationary attack, and is able to shoot with rockets and a mini-gun. The rockets launch at the same time after it is fired by pressing r and regenerates after 5 seconds, but the rockets cannot home in to a vehicle, unlike the fighter plane.
  • Gunner helicopter: The gunner helicopter is similar to the attack helicopter, except that the helicopter is only equipped with a mini-gun and without a rocket launcher, limiting its power. However, 2 gunner seats are present behind the pilot seat, which is equipped with a controllable machine gun that faces outward, which can be used for support. The seats can also serve as a passenger seat, which can allow the gunner helicopter to serve as a transport air vehicle.

Sea vehiclesEdit

  • Submarine: The submarine is a small yet fast one-seated sea vehicle that can ascend and descend in the sea by pressing the q and e button, respectively, making it a good stealth vehicle. It can fire a torpedo by pressing f, which can damage or destroy many vehicles and enemies alike. The submarine is rather durable, with 1,000 HP. Many players would usually use the submarine to destroy other sea vehicles, such as the boat.
  • Boat: The boat is a large sea vehicle that can shoot rockets that home in on its targeted area, including vehicles, by aiming the player's cross-hairs at the desired area and pressing f. The boat is also equipped with 4 passenger seats and an AA(anti-air) turret. The boat is very durable, having a large amount of health of 10,000 HP. The boat is considered as one of the most overpowered vehicles, since it can launch an infinite amount of rockets towards the targeted area and virtually destroy many enemies and/or vehicles it hits, which can promote spawn-killing, an act in which a player would continually kill enemies who had recently spawned. Many players who become annoyed with the boat spawn-killer may possibly call him/her 'boat noob(s)'.
  • Carrier: The carrier is a very large sea vehicle that houses 5 passenger seats, an anti-air turret, a helicopter, a fighter plane, and a bomber plane. The carrier is rather useful for launching a full-frontal attack with a group of allies. Unfortunately, the large size of the carrier can easily allow itself to be exposed to many enemies. (Note: The carrier has the same glitch as with artillery and has infinite health.)


  • Anti-air turret: The anti-air turret is a large stationary machine gun emplacement that can be used to destroy incoming enemies and/or their land/air vehicles. It can continually fire for an unlimited amount of time by pressing/holding the f button for as long as desired and can aim at many angles by clicking/holding the left mouse button at the desired area. They are found in many areas, including the bases, boat, and carrier.
  • Rocket turret: The rocket turret is a large rocket launcher emplacement that is similar to the Anti-air turret that can launch rockets and severely damage/destroy/kill vehicles and enemies. Unlike the AA turret, the rocket turret has a slower rate of fire, but makes up for it by allowing splash damage, which can damage multiple enemies and/or vehicles, and increasing the damage per rocket projectile. The rocket turret can be set up by the player using a special weapons slot. When setting up a rocket turret, the turret is instantly set up after it is set up at its designated location.
  • Über turret: The Über turret is a strong exclusive turret that is a combination of the Anti-air and rocket turret. The turret is powerful in that the machine gun deals more damage than the AA turret and the rocket launchers have a faster rate of fire than the rocket turret and could shoot 2 rockets at a time. Unlike both of the separate turrets, the Über Turret has a different design. Two of them can only be found at the island, on the roof where some turret and air vehicle spawners can be found. The Über Turret is considered as an overpowered (OP) turret, as its damage can quickly dispatch many enemies, even if said enemies are wearing an armor that gives the wearer a high maximum health. The Über Turret, due to its great power, makes itself a rather tempting target for other enemies who spot an Über Turret enemy user, especially with snipers and vehicle users.

Advantages and Disadvantages of VehiclesEdit

Land vehiclesEdit

  • A tank has many advantages against other land vehicles or players on foot, such as its massive health and the mass amount of damage it can do, but the tank is vulnerable to boats that may be out of their range, with the boat still capable of shooting the tank with its missiles. Another disadvantage that the tank has is when it is paired up against fighter jets, because of the fighter jet's speed, it makes it a hard target for the tank, and the fighter jet also has missiles that are capable of destroying a tank in at least one or two strikes. The driver can also be killed while inside of the vehicle if an enemy player manages to reach inside the vehicle, but because of the tank's slightly faster ability than the players can run, the tank can easily move away from and since the players cannot shoot the driver from the outside they must try to get inside. Trying to get inside is hard because (mentioned above), the tank is too quick for said enemies to catch up. It can also easily get stuck in some places, especially the trenches that are scattered around the area, but if it doesn't get stuck, the tank's weapon can easily devastate a number of players that are close together. It is very tough with 2,000 health, making it a strong and durable vehicle. The tank is a very formidable choice for a ground vehicle, but overall, fighter jets can easily destroy it, and another player can jump in, yet it is still a very good vehicle. It would be a useful vehicle that can be used to push back enemy advances on the ground. On the other hand, fighter jets, boats, Über turrets, and rocket turrets are recommended on taking the tank down.
  • A jeep moves very fast, making it one of the harder target to attack/destroy when it is moving, but its speed can also be its weakness, as the jeep is capable of getting stuck in quite a few places in the game, including the trenches and the sea, if not careful enough. In addition to speed as an advantage, it allows up to 6 players to ride in the passenger area of the jeek, making it a formidable vehicle for transportation on the ground. Its mounted machine gun placement gives it some good advantages against incoming aircrafts but the aircrafts can still destroy it with one blow from a missile from the aircraft or a rocket launcher. The Jeep's gun also gives it an advantage against players who are moving around the area since it can easily kill them with the rate of fire and amount of damage it does, and its unlimited ammo makes it an ideal weapon for dispatching enemies on foot. The Jeep is, however, very weak against enemy boats that can wreck it from quite a distance away without it being able to reach them. The driver can also be shot, damaged, and/or killed through the glass of the front area, leaving the allies stranded in the middle of the battlefield in the event of the driver being killed by an enemy with the Jeep breaking apart upon the driver's . Overall, the Jeep is a rather useful vehicle, but because of its ability to get trapped, the potential vulnerability of the driver, and its low armor health, it may not be useful in every situation, but its power shines in some occasions. Rocket launchers, fighter jets, rocket turrets, Über turrets, or a boat are recommended on destroying the Jeep.
  • The Artillery, which is a large cannon attached to a small car, can deal massive damage and as such are useful against fighter jets, tanks, helicopters, and other land and sea vehicles, though some of these vehicles may be out of the range of the artillery at times. Its massive cannon on the back can make taking down some of the toughest players/vehicles fairly easy under the correct use. The driver of the truck can potentially be damaged through the window. The artillery can also be glitched to have unlimited health so it is indestructible. However, it can sometimes be destroyed, a good vehicles to use against it is one that can be shot from a long distance away making you out of it's range. It is rather hard to get close to one of these without being killed when detected if a skilled enemy user is taking control of the artillery, as it can deal a heavy amount of damage. As the cannon can deal lots of damage, using boats is recommended to counter this, as it allows easier and possibly safer destruction of the artillery. Flying vehicles may not be an optimal vehicle to use, as the artillery can take those down in one shot, assuming that its projectile hits the plane. The artillery is a very powerful weapon that when put into skilled hands can potentially help the player and possibly his/her team to dominate the battle. The artillery is probably one of the most powerful in the game in terms of damage dealt. Boats, Über turrets, rocket turrets, or possibly rocket launchers are recommended, though distance from it is to be kept.

Flying Vehicle Advantages and Disadvantages.Edit

  • A Fighter Jet is a very good vehicle to use against land vehicles, but one rocket can easily take it down. It is capable of taking itself down if you launch rockets into a structure that is very close to you. The pilot can also be shot through the window, and it has low health so it is not very hard to take down. It has a homing ability making it able to home onto other flying vehicles, It can fire rockets, shoot bullets, or drop 2 bombs, but because of it's low health it does not take much to take this vehicle out. It's rockets can deal lots of damage, it's bullets deal a lot of damage, and it is capable of flying easily from one side to the other. It is a very quick vehicle making it capable to catching up to many things. Other vehicles with rocket launchers or powerful guns can take this vehicle out. But a good thing about it is that it can be used as a distraction, say if your going to go into the enemy base, you would send a Jet through the Bay or Window (if capable) and land on the roof without being detected, overall this vehicle is good against ground units but because of it's low health it is not very durable to last a long time. Boats, Fighter Jets, Rocket Turrets, Rocket Launchers, Uber Turrets, AA Turrets, Artillery, or a powerful gun is recommended.
  • Bomber Planes these aren't very good, it only has one defense and that is dropping bombs, it can be effective if enemies are on the roof of a base, but because of it's low health it is not a good vehicle, anything can take it out really. A advantage is the fact that the bombs are very powerful. But if not dropped correctly can lead to your demise. It will not turn if you drop bombs until it finished dropping them. It can be used as a distraction like a Fighter Jet to get into the enemy base. The bombs are rather easy to dodge unless you don't see them coming, a Bomber Planes can easily be taken out by a Fighter Jet or a Helicopter. You shouldn't spam bombs or you will keep flying in one direction for a while, I would drop at least 3 or less to prevent getting shot down in the middle of the sea. Bomber Planes can clear the enemies roof leaving them with no vehicles making them vulnerable to attacks. Overall the Bomber Plane isn't the greatest after all but can come in handy. Any strong gun, AA Turret, Boat, Uber Turret, Rocket Launcher, Helicopter, Tank, Artillery, or Rocket Turret is recommended.
  • Attack Helicopter, is good against Tanks, and any other ground vehicle, Attack Helicopter has powerful guns that can be used to easily kill anything. Though the window is bigger making it more possible to shoot the driver. Attack Helicopter can be used as support for Ground Vehicles, but like most Air Vehicles it has low health making it vulnerable to many things, it cannot home making you have to aim yourself making it harder to shoot Fighter Jets since they will be moving fast. The Attack Helicopter can also hover, making it easier to do a nice stationary attack that can have devastating affects on the other team, but makes it easier to hit. Attack Helicopter aren't fast and aren't slow, they can easily be taken down by vehicles that can home like the Fighter Jet or the Boat, and because of it's low health a homing missile spells demise for the driver and the Heli. Overall, the Attack Helicopter is good at support fire and good for using against ground Vehicles and is also good for keeping the pressure on the enemy team while back up comes. Rocket Launcher, AA Turret, Uber Turret, Artillery, Rocket Turret, a powerful gun, another Heli, or Fighter Jet recommended.
  • Gunner Helicopter is very good at a stationary attack, with it's mounted minigun, it's two AA turrets inside of it, it makes a very good attack vehicle, but because of it's low health and the capability of all 3 players to be shot, makes it not so good. It is good against Ground Vehicles. It can also be used as transportation but because of the speed of it, it can be shot down out of the air leaving them stranded in the middle of a battle field. Also if the driver was shot dead the Helicopter will proceed and the teammates might not know what happened, making is useful so even if the driver was shot the Heli will keep going. The guns on the Heli is powerful too, making up for the loss of the rockets. It is a good vehicle to use the hover ability on it while attacking, it is also very good to use to keep a eye on both sides of you since there is three of you can see almost anywhere. But because of the Gunner Helicopters low health a rocket can take everyone out at once. Overall, the Gunner Helicopter is very good, with it's hover ability and the three machine guns. But because of it's lack of health it can easily get shot down. Uber Turret, AA Turret, Rocket Turret, Rocket Launcher, Powerful gun, Artillery, Boat, Fighter Jet, or Attack Helicopter are recommended.

Sea VehiclesEdit

  • A Boat is known as one of the most overpowered vehicles in the game, almost a unlimited range, it can home, it has 10,000 health, and it's rockets do devastating amounts of damage. The Boat is almost unstoppable, explosives barely have a affect on it and it is capable of rapid fire. But of course, the driver can be shot through the front somewhere, but the vehicle has devastating guns and does tons amounts of damage, if the driver sees you about to shoot him, it could be the end for you. But like before, the same vehicle can be used against it. Using another Boat against it is probably the best or only strategy with beat it without dying. It is used against each other's bases as a spawn killer. It is capable of keeping tons of vehicles from spawning, but if possible, if you are being attacked the best way to destroy it is with another boat. It is capable of homing making Jets almost impossible to get through it is probably the most powerful vehicle in the game. Boat, or Submarine is recommended to take this down.
  • A Carrier is very useful to launch a full scale assault, it has a AA Turret on the top to keep Jets from getting close enough to destroy it, it holds a Fighter Plane, It Holds a Helicopter, and it also holds a Bomber Plane. The Carrier is very useful for launching some attacks on the other base, but because of it's size it is easy to spot and the driver can be shot through a hole in the wall. But a good thing about the carrier (if you want to be stealthy) is that you can go behind the mountains where no one can see you then when you think it's safe head for there docks, enter up the ladder and start camping. The Carrier is good for getting to the other base to camp by the docks with about 3 or 5 people. It has a glitch that can give it unlimited health, but for the stuff on it, it doesn't work. The Carrier is a very good weapon overall, but Boats and vehicles or turrets with explosives can easily destroy this Carrier. Overall, the Carrier is very good for launching attacks. Boats, Rocket Turrets, Uber Turret, Submarine, or a Rocket Launcher are recommended.
  • Submarines are very stealthy, with the ability to descend and ascend in the water it makes getting to the enemy a piece of cake. It fires torpedoes which are very effective on boats. But it is defenseless against Planes and other flying vehicles, and this is where the diving comes in action, you can use diving to make your enemies lose track of you or to be stealthy so they can't find you. Submarines don't require cover all you need to do is dive, but it only holds 1 person so making invasions on the enemy base with a submarine aren't a good idea unless you have allies in submarines with you. Because of the Submarine's ability to dive nothing can hit it. Overall the Submarine is a very good vehicle because of diving and it can only be defeated by itself. Submarine (or possibly Jets, Boats, or people with guns but if it has dived then no) is recommended.

Methods of travelEdit

Approximately 4 possible methods of travelling in Base Wars are present:

  • Underground (on foot only).
  • Land (on foot and with land vehicles, i.e. Jeep, artillery and small car, and tank).
  • Air (air vehicles only, i.e. Fighter plane, bomber plane and helicopter).
  • Sea (sea vehicles only, i.e. Submarine, swimming (can damage player unless Assassin Boots or Swimming Suit is equipped), and Boat).

Travel notesEdit

  • Conveyor belts help speed up travel in the underground tunnel. Two conveyor belts that can be found in each side of the underground tunnel can be found parallel to each other and each conveyor belts moves the player at different directions.
  • It is possible to travel on foot on the land. However, this method of travel is considered as one of the slowest method of travel in the game, since the land is fairly wide, contains many obstacles, and is a center of fire from both enemy teams.
  • If an air vehicle the player is driving/riding is taken down in the air by an enemy or the player jumps off the air vehicle that they are driving/riding while it is in the middle of the air, the fall can be significantly slowed down with the parachute, allowing for a more controlled landing.
  • Since there is no area at which the limit of the area is set up, it is possible for the player to be flown very far away from the area, and the only way to return to the area is for him/her to either simply fly back to the area (if in an air vehicle), or to die in some way (i.e. resetting, falling down to the player's death, get killed by an enemy).
  • Land and air vehicles can become heavily damaged and/or even broken down when it enters the sea, just like in real life, due to the corrosive effects of salt in the sea for the land and air vehicles.
  • When the player is swimming in the sea, his/her health will begin to slowly deplete until the health goes down to 0, meaning that he/she would die. However, upon swimming back to the surface, the player's health will stop draining - this is used to simulate a "drowning" effect. Assassin boots can prevent the "drowning" effect as a compensation along with giving increased walk-speed in return for reduced health; so it is possible for the player to make naval-based assaults without using aquatic transportation with the Assassin Boots equipped.
  • If the player is equipped with a "swimming suit", it is possible to travel through the sea not only faster (due to the equipments on the swimming suit that allows faster travel in the sea) but also safely, since the suit protects the player from drowning. As stated above, the swimming suit can also allow the wearer to engage in naval combats without having to use any sea-based transportations.
  • It is rather strange considering that if the player is to fire a ballistics-based firearm while swimming in the sea, it would function as normal. Normally, in real life, if one would attempt to do so, the effectively of the weapon would be significantly decreased, due to very rapid loss of velocity of the bullets in the water, as proven on a MythBusters test on firing firearms underwater.


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There were formerly badges in Base Wars: The Land before d4rk886 lost BC. The following was previously a list of obtainable badges.

IconNameDescriptionCreation date
BWTL10kills10 Kills in Base Wars: The Land!Good!, The owner of this badge got 10 Kills in "Base Wars:The Land". He/She actually know how to handle a gun.May 3, 2012
BWTL100kills100 Kills in Base Wars: The Land!Nice! The owner of this badge get 100 kills in "Base War: The Land". He/She actually can master the guns!May 3, 2012
BWTL886kills886 Kills in "Base Wars: The Land"!"886", d4rk886's favourite number and it is a epic number. The owner of this badge is epic because he/she get the epic number of kills in a epic game "Base Wars: The Land"! Epic~~May 3, 2012
BWTL1000kills1000 Kills in Base Wars: The Land!1000 Kills!! Whoever own this badge is dangerous. He/She can pwn you with gun easily.May 3, 2012
BWTL12345kills12345 Kills in Base Wars: The Land!12345 Kills.... How you get that!? The owner of this badge must be addicted to "Base Wars: The Land"! [Rank: Juno12345 lololololololol]May 3, 2012
BWTL100headshots100 Headshot count in "Base Wars:The Land"!Pro.. It is a pro... wait, you just luck xD. wait.. pro.. wait... luck... idk. Whatever, The owner of this badge isn't that bad in headshot.May 4, 2012


Many players have thought that only unskilled players use vehicles, armor, turrets, and/or powerful weapons. For example, a player can use an M249 Flame machine gun, which has high damage, ammunition per clip, and rate of fire, to kill opponents very quickly. Another example of this is using a boat, which can rapidly launch many rockets on the targeted area to explode and kill any enemy that is in the area of the explosion. Yet another (albeit uncommon) example is that a player is able to ram any teammate/enemy with a plane, shoving them a good distance away from their destination, though this strategy sometimes may backfire and will push the target to their destination. If any 'overpowered' weapons or vehicles are used too many times to the point that it enrages the victim, the player would be considered a "noob" by other enemies due to a possible lack of ability to actually fight against a player.

Armor is also considered as a problem by many players, since if they were to encounter an enemy player with a powerful armor that can absorb a substantial amount of damage before the enemy dies, they would think that the enemy is unstoppable, because the armor allows the enemy to easily earn kills without dying. The armor has only a few weaknesses, one of which are knives. Players may kill an armored enemy using one of the 3 types of knives, including, in the order of strength, CQCKnife, CQCKnife-E, and CurvedBattleKnife. Another weakness of armors includes any weapons that launches arrows. Currently, there are 3 weapons that launches arrows, which are, in the order of strength, Bow, Crossbow, and AutoCrossbow. Head shots also appear to deal more damage than body-shots, which makes the head the weak spot of the armor. In short, the armor is basically vulnerable to any weapons that can pierce through armor and any damage that lands at the armor user's head.

Base War also receives some criticism and/or problems that many first person shooters often receive, some of the examples of said first person shooter games being the Call of Duty and Battlefield series. Some of the criticisms regarding first person shooters is the presence of a tactic used by many players called camping; camping is when a player would stay at one area and simply kill any enemy that is present while staying at an area in a place until the camper is killed by an enemy. Another criticism regarding many first person shooters is players who use sniper rifles performing a tactic called no-scoping; no-scoping is when a player who is using a sniper rifle decides not to use the sniper rifle's scope to kill enemies, especially when he/she is in any close-ranged fights. This is because many sniper rifles take at least 1-2 successful shots to kill an enemy, which is very powerful enough to kill an enemy without protection of any kind, especially in close-ranged situations, and that the recoil of many of the sniper rifles in Base Wars: The Land is rather low, which can make killing enemies without using a sniper scope far easier. Such practices as the aforementioned are colloquially known as Griefing.

To add on, a player with armor may often use medical supply camps. These supply camps have a full health button which recharges rapidly.

Another criticized feature is picking guns. Players often have powerful guns and eventually gets killed holding it, so that a normally weaker player can steal the gun and use it against his/her enemies.

There are, however, a few strategies to success in the game that are listed below, although they are highly criticized by many players. Some of the tactics that constitute unfair gaming in Base Wars include:

  • Spawning and driving the Attack Helicopter on the top of the player's base, flying very high to the enemy base, landing in the hangar bay, grabbing the flag, driving/riding a Jeep, tank, or artillery truck or any other transportation (or regenerate first if said vehicle has not yet been spawned) and possibly repeating the cycle as much as desired. This is the most criticized form of capturing the flag as, due to a glitch, the enemy will not be able to harm the Helicopter due to stolen vehicles not being harm-able by their associated teams.
  • Staying around a health pad while attacking enemies. This ensures that the player can heal at any time he/she want and can kill anyone near the pad (which is considered by many as camping) and (possibly) obtain many kills, though this is not a very popular tactic due to the low number of players who enter through places with a health pad on it.
  • Using an AA turret and shooting down any ally player who is in his/her affiliation, killing them, so that only the team-killers get all the glory.
  • Basic spawn-killing; this strategy is the most criticized tactic within the game.

VIP T-ShirtsEdit

There are 5 official VIP T-shirts available for Base War. The VIP T-shirts do not need to be worn in-game, but needs to be bought and owned for its in-game effects to function. The T-shirts are: Common VIP, Mega VIP, Über VIP, Special VIP, and Ammo Shirt. Prices for some of the VIP T-shirts, particularly the Common, Mega, and Über VIP T-shirts, have an unbalanced price, as the choice for buying the VIP T-shirt with tickets is considered as arguably cheaper rather than buying them using Robux. The costs and benefits of each of the VIP T-shirts are:

  • Common VIP: Costs 500 Tickets or 50 Robux. The VIP T-shirt provides access to exclusive VIP pre-set weapon classes.
  • Mega VIP: Costs 150 Tickets or 100 Robux. Same benefit as Common VIP, except that the weapon classes it provides is different from Common VIP, but is more powerful than the classes in Common VIP.
  • Über VIP: Costs 1750 Tickets or 800 Robux. Grants access to a special powerful weapon class and also allows use of the ÜberChaingun, a slightly powerful, shiny dual-wielded minigun, ÜberRocket, a 3-rocket capacity rocket launcher that can fly towards targeted aerial vehicles when fired at it, and the ÜberVIPArmorSuit, an armor that gives the wearer 300 health points while allowing the wearer to move at the normal speed rate, in the player's custom class.
  • Special VIP: Costs 860 tickets or 86 Robux. Provides a 25% discount on any item for custom classes that requires cash and/or kills to use.
  • Bullets Shirt: Costs 60 Tickets or 5 Robux. Increases the maximum ammunition capacity for weapons used by the player upon spawning by 3 times the original amount.

Note: older versions of the VIPs may still be on sale for far lower prices.

However, d4rk886 has stated towards many players in the game that Administrator, or Admin, T-shirts, which are claimed to provide commands for a game, are not considered as an official T-shirt, therefore the T-shirts are considered as scams.

He also stated that the official VIP T-shirts should be bought if the player is looking for a Base War VIP T-shirt. The official T-shirts are made by sparkyw9 for the Common, Mega, and Über VIP, wargarkaztest for the Special VIP, and d4rk886 himself for the Bullets Shirt. If the player buys a VIP T-shirt from the wrong user, besides the legitimate sellers that are mentioned for the T-shirts, then the player would be scammed by the seller, as the effects would simply not function in-game, should he/she attempt to use the illegitimate T-shirt.

Bugs and GlitchesEdit

Base Wars: The Land has several bugs and glitches that are present in the game. Some examples of glitches that are present in Base Wars are:

  • Speed Glitch: This glitch has been fixed as of January 4, 2013. The glitch, after the player consumes the speed potion and the speed bonus takes effect, takes effect in which its effect is permanent until the player dies, allowing the player to move very fast on foot.
  • Crouch Glitch: This glitch has been fixed as of January 4, 2013. The character in-game do not crouch when the c button is pressed while wielding a weapon, but it provides the accuracy of crouching, but while standing, which brings a good advantage for no-scoping and mid-long range shooting for the glitch abuser.
  • Rapid Plane MG: In this glitch, the fighter plane can continually fire its machine gun for an unlimited time without the player continually hold down the f button until it is destroyed. To perform the glitch, the player should rapidly click the f button when he/she is inside a fighter plane and using it. This bug has, however, not yet been fixed since 2010.
  • Helicopter Seat Glitch: The player, when he/she sits on the Attack Helicopter seat, may occasionally not receive a tool for the vehicle. Said problem may, however, be remedied by exiting the seat and sitting on it again. The glitch can also be prevented by waiting for approximately 5 seconds after the helicopter has generated before sitting in the driver's seat.
  • Artillery Car and Armor Glitch: If the player is to wear a certain type of armor and he/she enters the artillery car, then he/she may occasionally get stuck inside the seat of the artillery car and may not be able to exit the vehicle by jumping. The only way for the player to break free from the artillery car is to have it destroyed by any method of destroying the vehicle. Some skilled players may use said glitch for an extra form of protection from damage, such as those made by arrows, although the glitch would trap the player from getting out of the artillery car until it is destroyed.
  • Stuck Position Glitch: When a player equips, then de-equips a weapon, he/she have a possibility of walking on one side only. Once the plane has started, the plane cannot turn. However, if the player is in the plane, he/she can de-equip the plane tool and then re-equip it for the plane to turn, but will not fix the player from facing on one side. Another problem for the player is climbing the ladder. The player that isn't facing directly to the ladder will be unable to successfully climb to the top. There is two solutions to fix this: if you have a primary/secondary weapon, you could swap to it, then unequip again, but if the player equip to the weapon that glitched the player, it will still glitch. Or you can use the "Fix Weapons" GUI on the bottom screen, equip the weapon that glitched before, then de-equip it. You can also choose a weapon, zoom in, look at the sky and spin around fast. If none of these fixed it, repeat it again.
  • Rapid Reload: The Rapid reload glitch provides a fast reload for many weapons. To perform the glitch, the player should click, while wielding a weapon, the left mouse button, rapidly press the r button, click the left mouse button again and finally the r button. The glitch can provide a good advantage to shotgun users.
  • Fly Glitch: This glitch has been fixed as of January 4, 2013. Using the Remote Bomb Set and placing the bomb on the player's arm/body, the glitch will allow the player to walk upwards and into the air. The glitch makes it much harder for many enemies to hit the player this way, and this makes it more easier for the player to kill the enemy (most of the time, other players can not see the player who is performing the glitch, as he/she is up in the air and off the screen).
  • White Screen Glitch: In this glitch, the player's screen turns white and the player's character is then mysteriously killed, which is also rendered as a suicide. It occurs mostly when the player is wearing a certain type of armor in an artillery car when the player attempts to jump out of the seat. It also happens when the player presses the keypads buttons when any weapon is present in the hotkey rapidly, which can create lag, and also results in a white screen and the mysterious demise of the player's character. This is also can happen when the player in the stuck position glitch. If he/she jumps into an artillery car, Jeep, or Tank, the player will also get a white screen.
  • Invisible Vehicle Glitch: This glitch occurs when the player has the camera zoomed all the way in and then jump out of any vehicle that the player is driving/riding, such as the Jeep. Afterwards, the vehicle should turn invisible. However, if the glitch occurs, the player should attempt to find the driver/passenger's seat (if possible) as soon as possible if the player wants to return to the vehicle, as in flying vehicles, the player may fly away from the battle area.
  • No KO/WO Glitch: In this glitch, character KOs and WOs are locked permanently at 0. Even if the player is killed or kills another player, their KOs and WOs don't go up accordingly.
  • Jeep Spawn Glitch: Sometimes, if you try to spawn a jeep after it is destroyed, the front of it's gun can fly up to the ceiling of the first floor of the base.
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