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Battlefield is a currently popular FPS game made by DeadzoneZackZak, who also created the popular zombie survival game Deadzone. It is based on the first person shooter series of the same name, with a wide open environment and a large array of weapons and its attachments, though it is particularly modelled after the third installment in the series.

The game is quite popular; over 2,000 players have played the game at the same time in the peak of its fame and has quickly attained over 1 million and 48 thousand plays since its initial release in April 27, 2013, in a matter of 20 days. In addition to over 1,136,000 plays, Battlefield currently has over 32,000 favorites.

battlefield was the game u should of played as a rip of it gone forever ad never coming back i love battlefield in roblox an nearly everyday i 21/09/2020

Weapons & Attachments

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Battlefield is not currently finished, starting off in the "Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre Alpha" stage of development according to the title, though it is currently the "Pre Alpha" stage. The game is being constructed and edited by the same players that contributed to developing Deadzone, including daxter33, who is famous for his Paintball! game. The description of the game credits the people named Greg Stevens for creating the weapons found in the game alongside scripts used in it, Philip Harvey for camouflage design for weapons, and Justin Legoman for the thumbnail picture of the game.

Typical updates in the game includes the additon of new weapons in specified categories, such as a nail gun for the special section of weapons and a G36 assault rifle for the assault section, along with bug fixes.

In May 15, 2013, as a result of reaching the 1 million visits milestone, an additional double XP and a new diamond camo for all weapons are added to the game for all players for free for 24 hours


A VIP item in the form of a game pass is available for the game called "Pre-Order", which costs for 100 Robux or 1,000 Tickets to purchase. It is updated over time as updates for the game are applied, with more benefits for VIP game pass owners added to the item.

Currently, the benefits for VIP owners includes double XP earned from kills alongside additional kills made from consecutive kills made in one life, headshot kills, and long-distance kills, an exclusive chrome plating camouflage for all owned weapons and any weapons that are unlocked afterwards, and a special M1 Garand sniper rifle that is available for free.

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