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Big Brother is a game created by Peak Precision Studios with 16 million visits currently. It is based on the reality game show of the same name and can hold 16 people maximum in a server.  When you first enter the server, you are prompted to enter a name for roleplaying purposes. You also win coins in the game and can buy things such as clothing, hair, etc.

The game works the same way as the show like this:

Head of Household: Players compete for this at the beginning of each round after evictions. The HOH then nominates two people for eviction (can be done randomly.) However, the outgoing HOH cannot win HOH consecutively unless one of their nominees leaves the server and resets the round.

Care Package: Based on a twist from Big Brother 18, the care package is a prize given to a player voted by the spectators in the lobby before the nomination ceremony. These prizes range from Co-HoH, Super Safety, Eliminate Two Eviction Votes, etc. Players can only win the care package once so think carefully on who you vote to give it to. 

Nomination Ceremony: This is where the HOH nominates two people for eviction. As listed above, it can be done randomly.

Power of Veto: Three players, along with the current HOH and their nominees, compete for this prize. Power of Veto allows the holder to remove someone (or themselves if won by a nominee) from the block which forces the HOH to choose a replacement.

Eviction: After the Veto Ceremony, the safe players then choose to vote out one of the two nominees. If the votes end up tying, the HOH breaks it in a tiebreaker vote.

Jury: At a certain point in the game, players are put on the jury. The jury's job is to vote for who they think played the best game out of the Final 2.