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Catching Fire: The Hunger Games Sequal is a game developed by ROBLOX player SmoothBlockModel. The game was created on December 24th, 2012. The goal of this game is to play a competion with other players in various beautiful maps. You have a nice scrambled set of weapons in the middle to pick from such as knifes to swords, and swords to bows. You have an thirst and hunger bar that can be depleted (which will kill you) and you need to get food + water throughout the competion. Some foods can be poisioness and cause you to die slowly and painfully, some food can be a huge lifesaver in a "starving to death god pls help me" situation. I will not tell the poision foods or non-poision foods so the fun will not be ruined. You can also have teams. The lobby is quite well designed to be able to walk to groups of people and request to join a team or make a team. Teams can be good because you could all share loot such as the loot will be more food + more weapons. Also if one teamate dies, and has money they can sponser others teammates. If you don't know what sponsering does, it is parachuting down a package of something the player may be requesting (ex. a weapon) The disasters for the "clock arena" keep you on your toes, you can't just run around killing people disasters such as forest fires and poision fog can come. A good trick is to stay ahead of the clock at all times. This can get hard because there may be great water source at where the clock is heading to, this is one smart move by the developer, giving players a challenge between a disaster and a source of survival. This game is very good and already has over 2 million visits, and over 40,000 favorites. I even think Max Benedek should get around to a game review for this.

Enjoy, and may the odds be ever in your favor!