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Choices is an adventure game by GollyGreg created on September 2, 2011. Similar to Alexander Ocias' Loved game, the whole game is the player's choice. The player can either choose to listen to the game or not to.

Before the game starts, the game will ask which gender the player is. Choosing a boy will result in the game saying "Good girl." once they listened to the instructions of the game and vice versa.


The game is set in a simple world where there is only one direction before they reach a cave. Inside the cave, there will be an exit. This will repeat for the last time. There are three main colors with a bit of silver for the trophy.


There is only one badge.

IconNameDescriptionCreation date
ForkintheRoadChoicesBadgeFork in the RoadEarn both endings and become a poet.September 26, 2011



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katherine678's Place Choices (GollyGreg) NANAmom's Place