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Crossroads is a BrickBattle place with towers, caves, hideouts, temples, bridges and more things. The place was created by ROBLOX. Crossroads contains all the BrickBattle classic weapons that were made way back in the day, like the sword and rocket launcher. Crossroads was also ROBLOX's first multi-player game. Crossroads began in 2006, where it looked different. In December 2009, the place was re-designed into a winter-land to celebrate Christmas. The theme remained for approximately two months after Christmas, until it was reverted back to the normal environment.

The place went through a twist of turns in March 2010, when it disappeared from ROBLOX's showcase of places. This was because the place had been replaced by the Zeke and Luther Skate Park, which led to many Robloxians to express their dismay on their decision to replace Crossroads with the new place. However, ROBLOX brought it back in April 2010, reverted back to its normal green theme. In July 2011, Crossroads was updated with a new teleporter, as a part of the new teleportation feature. Crossroads typically receives 12,000 visits per week. This used to be the most popular game created by ROBLOX, now overtaken by Welcome to ROBLOX Building, which receives around 120,000 visits per week. On November 1, 2012, the user, Games created a remake of the 2010 Crossroads and titled "Roblox Battle" As of November 2012, It is uncopy-locked, because ROBLOX never thought it was that popular, but would still keep it.


There is no specific objective of the game, although it is almost always used as a free-for-all BrickBattle arena.

The tools available include swords, rocket launchers, superballs slingshots bombs and trowels. Paintball guns used to be in the starterpack, but were later removed for unknown reasons.

The baseplate is divided into four areas: the Blackrock Castle, the Thieves' Den, the Lost Temple, and the Tower. Each of these quarters have a team beacon, which if touched, will either heal the player and color their torso and legs, or kill the player if they have touched another beacon.


Pizzaboyzmvp created a game called 2006 Roblox Crossroads which is a close replication of how Crossroads was like in 2006. In this game you use a bouncing ball, bomb, rocket, and a building tool to destroy your opponents. It simulates a 2006 player movements, so you do not have any moveable parts and no customizational features are shown. 


  • Rockets and time bombs are good for destroying bridges that lead to a area so that it takes longer for people to come up to you.
  • Only use the rocket launcher for close quarters encounters. Due to its slow speed, it can be easily dodged, or, in some cases, countered, at longer ranges.
  • The slingshot and paint ball gun can be useful for fighting against rockets. Simply shoot the rocket with a slingshot or paint ball gun, and the rocket will explode mid-flight, since the rocket projectile is programmed to explode whenever it touches any solid object, therefore the slingshot's or paint ball gun's projectile makes a good object for destroying rockets.
  • If a group of people are fighting in one area, use a bomb in the middle of the fight to make them disperse or even get a few kills.
  • The super ball is a good weapon, due to its high speed and moderate damage.
  • Try using the bomb to destroy key points of travel, such as bridges and ladders to block players from travelling to important places in the game.
  • NEVER stay on the structure next to the trampoline, as one or two bombs near the base can cause it to come down.
  • As soon as you plant a bomb, act fast and run; the bomb's explosion radius is much larger than the rocket's, which can be potentially deadly if unprepared.
  • Drop a bomb, shoot a super ball on it, and step on it, or shoot it with a rocket. It is inaccurate, but it may kill a person running from it. If the person is close enough while running, they may lose arms, legs, hats, or even the weapon they are holding.
  • If there is a group of people gathered together in a small area, use a sword to quickly slay other players to earn kills.
  • Do NOT run into your launched rocket. It will explode, killing you.
  • The majority of visitors to Crossroads are guests due to a two-way teleporter from Welcome to ROBLOX Building. The game was intended to be a team game. However, the team feature wasn't introduced until 2007 on ROBLOX.
  • Players can fly and rain bombs and other weapons below players via glitch. To perform the glitch, the player should get in a teleporter. Occasionally, the player may not spin. When it does not spin, the player should enter the teleporter again, jump and click Stay. Then if the player stays inside the teleporter, the player may attempt to move out of the teleporter. The player may float and/or slowly glide down. The player can take advantage of this glitch by stacking on objects to fly higher. The trampoline can be especially helpful when paired with the glitch, since it can bounce the player more, but you have to be careful of Rocket Launchers. They can easily get you because you are moving slow.
  • Crossroads is one of the most heavily exploited places on ROBLOX. Occasionally, objects that would not typically belong to the game may be present, such as random colors appearing on the screen or an orb for manipulating a server, which can indicate that the server with said items are exploited. The most common exploits on Crossroads as of May is Admin and Place Advertising and admins hacking the teleporter so the players go to their place instead of Welcome to ROBLOX Building.
  • Crossroads is one of the oldest places to exist on ROBLOX.
  • Like all of ROBLOX's games you are able to steal items from it without damaging the game itself in solo
  • If you lost your right hand, you can still shoot the super ball and slingshot.