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Darkness is a horror game created by loleris on October 2, 2013 and has already accumulated over 600,000 visits within the first month of its release date. The main objective of the game is to kill the barely-visible beast in order to save each other's life. Automatically given a pistol and flashlight, light becomes essential in this game as the beast is completely invisible in the dark, but becomes completely visible in the light.

As a beast, the main goal is to eliminate all the survivors in order to win. They can only kill survivors using a red, blood-like scythe. Similar to how the system chooses the stalker in The Stalker, players in the server gets randomly chosen to become the Beast.

Buying several game passes can increase the chance of one becoming the Beast and some game passes can benefit players in being the Beast such as You can hide.

Game playEdit

Darkness is similar to The Stalker where the main objective is to kill the Beast in order to survive. Inside the game, there are two maps. The beast is player-controlled as one person in the server will become the Beast.


The game play for survivors are normally trying to find the Beast and cause damage to them using a pistol. Using a flashlight by pressing F on your keypad, players can identify if the Beast is near or not. The beast is completely visible when shone with enough light from the player's flashlight, but will be completely invisible in the dark.

Players can open and close doors as well as pick up health kits by pressing E on your keypad. These can only be used in the current round and will not save for the next round. Also occasionally you will find multiple guns throughout the map that can be used to a much higher advantage.


The game play for the beast is much like being the Stalker in the game, The Stalker. Players will have a limited supply of energy and once that has been run out, the Beast will start to slow down and eventually come to a stop. The Beast will also start with 100% of health, but as players damage the Beast, the health bar will start to decrease.

Players can buy game passes as the beast to help them around the map, as well as the players' deaths. Buying game passes ensures that the player may likely be the next Beast or so forth.

Pressing various keys on your keypad will do certain things, from draining everyone in the map's light source for a few seconds to being completely invisible in the light and the dark for a few seconds. This can ensure the Beast to attack players or make a clean getaway. 


Some controls vary from different roles in the game.

Survivor controlsEdit

Arrow Keys
Left clickShoot
EOpen/Close doors
Collect health kits / guns

Beast controlsEdit

Arrow Keys
Left clickAttack a player
ZMagnetic Blast
XLow visibility
CCut power


IconNameDescriptionCreation date
VictoryBadgeDarknessVictory!Win as a beast on a server with 10 or more players!

Job well done!
October 12, 2013
50DamageBadgeDarkness50 DamageThere must be 10 players in the server.October 12, 2013
100DamageBadgeDarkness100 DamageThere must be 10 players on the server.

Oh, and you rock!
October 12, 2013
200DamageBadgeDarkness200 DamageLEEROY JEKINSOctober 13, 2013
DogenessBadgeDarknessDogenessSuch healthy beast. No bruises. Much players.October 25, 2013
BadgeDarknessBadgeOctober 15, 2013

Game PassesEdit

There are currently 5 game passes.

IconNameCost (ROBUX)
IamBeastDarknessGPI am BEAST200
IseeyouDarknessGPI see you60
IknowyouDarknessGPI know you400
YoucanhideDarknessGPYou can hide10

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