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Find the Domos is a scavenger-hunt game created by Planet3arth on March 28, 2011. Players have to find all 147 domos (not including the special domos) hidden around the map. The newest domo is the Fidget Domo, added in March 2017. As of now, there are a total of 147 different types of domos.

Game Description Edit

No murdering, no zombies, no building, no tycooning, no roleplaying, just a good ol' scavenger hunt.

Collect 147 differently assorted Domos, whose theme works as a hint for their hidden location (most of the time).

Old VIP t-shirts still work.

Join the Fan Group to post your creations of domos, domo ideas, or talk to fellow domo hunters!


Classic Domo Edit

It's a domo standing on a rock at spawn. You can't miss it!

Blue Domo Edit

Go to the grasslands and find the big central hill. Go to the side facing the ocean, jump up on the ledge, and find the secret entrance.

Pink DomoEdit

The pink domo is on top of the house at spawn. It is relatively easy to get, as you can walk along the walls of the spawn area and jump on top of the roof and claim your badge.

Camo Domo Edit

The Camo Domo is hidden on the tree behind the Classic Domo. It is the side facing the grasslands.

Red Domo Edit

In the molten biome, if you go to the right there is a volcano. Go inside the volcano and you will see red Domo.

Orange Domo Edit

In the molten biome, there is an obby leading to the Orange Domo. Complete the obby to get the domo.

Purple Domo Edit

In the grasslands, there is a waterfall. On the side of the waterfall near the ocean, you can find Purple Domo.

Green Domo Edit

In the snow biome, there is a penguin. He will tell you where the Green Domo is: on top of the tree he is pointing at.

Grey Domo Edit

On the walkway above the molten biome, the grey domo is on the side of the fence, next to the border between the molten and desert biome.

White Domo Edit

In the snow biome, near the ocean next to a hill is a snowman. Behind him is the White Domo.

Black Domo Edit

In the molten biome, there is a small hill with a tree on it. Black Domo is on top of the hill.

Cloud Domo Edit

If you click on the left pillow in the house, you are teleported to the Cloud Domo.

Top Hat Domo Edit

In the grasslands there will be a hill with an obby. Climb up the hill. It will be on the right of where blue Domo is so just climb up that and you get it.

Yellow Domo Edit

This one is on the ceiling light of the house. To get it, climb on the bed or the table, then jump up and over towards the middle of the room. (Or use a gravity coil.) (or teleporter)

Teamwork Domo Edit

When you spawn, behind you there will be a wooden platform. You will need 2 to 3 players to do this. Climb on each other and you'll be able to get the teamwork domo. (Or you can ignore the teamwork part and just use a gravity coil.) Can someone do the rest for me?

Transparent DomoEdit

Under the bridge next to the molten biome and Teamwork Domo, Transparent Domo is on the left wall.

Ghost Domo Edit

There is a rock in both the desert biome and the molten biome. On the molten side, there is a hidden door next to the border, across from the ocean.

Rainbow Domo Edit

There is a rainbow in the grasslands, and Rainbow Domo is on the top.

Golden Domo Edit

At the castle, there is a pirate ship that docks at the port outside. Ride the pirate ship to an island. Find the skeleton that's propped up against a tree and click the key in its hand to open the treasure chest. Golden Domo is inside the chest.

Mini Domo Edit

Mini Domo is beside the bridge next to the grasslands and Teamwork Domo, on a very small ledge.

Snow Domo Edit

There is a snowman next to the cave and the void. Behind it is the Snow Domo.

Ninja Domo Edit

Under the bridge next to the house, there is a piece of the wall that is redder than the rest of the wall. (You'll probably need to use Shift Lock + WASD so you can go through the gap sideways - it's not wide enough to go through normally.) Going through it leads to an obby to the Ninja Domo. Another way is underneath the same bridge is a yellowish gap that you can walk through.

Wooden Domo Edit

Wooden Domo is under the bridge across from the house. You can use a gravity coil to get it, or you can ask for help to get it.

Teal Domo Edit

Go to the top of the waterfall in the grasslands area (not the prehistoric area!) and look in the water on the right side.

Sparkley Domo Edit

To get Sparkley Domo, you need to buy a Pickaxe for 250 points. Go to the prehistoric area and find the cave in the gray hills - it's in the end nearest the desert. Use the pickaxe on the wall to the left of the entrance inside the cave also you will need to use the Pickaxe multiple times, and you will find an entrance to the secret mine. There is a sparkling Minecart on one of the rail lines. Go through the door behind the Minecart to get the Sparkley Domo.

Grass Domo Edit

In the grasslands area, find the hill near the ocean on the side near the prehistoric area. Grass Domo is at the base of the tree on top of the hill, facing the ocean.

Ice Domo Edit

Go to the snow area, on the side facing the ocean you will see a ramp. There is a hill to the right of it and if you look on the edge facing the ocean you will see a domo. It might take a few trys because you can easily fall off the edge.

Water Domo Edit

In the grasslands, stand under the rainbow, start walking and take a left then take a right towards the prehistoric area and hug the left side you might see the domo but if you dont just keep walking arond the area the water splits.

Epic Domo Edit

At spawn, if you climb the stairs leading to the prehistoric biome, there is a narrow rectangular gap at the base of the wall in the corner. Go through the hole, and there you can find the Epic Domo.

Silver Domo Edit

Silver Domo is in the secret mine - see Sparkley Domo for instructions on getting in. There is a mine cart on the rail line to the right. Inside of the mine cart is Silver Domo.

Steel Domo Edit

Go inside the castle, turn right, and go to the knight guarding the door. Steel Domo is behind the knight, on his armor.

Question Domo Edit

In the VIP area is a platform with white walls on it. The walls open once you answer questions. (Type the answers into chat.) Here are the answers:

  1. Number of jumps = 22
  2. Dinosaur type = stegosaurus
  3. Domo you're getting = question domo

Flaming DomoEdit

At the molten biome, follow the lava flow and you will see the Flaming domo under an arch. Go to "options" on the left side of your screen and select "Become Domo" to get the Flaming domo.

Laser DomoEdit

Go to options and select "Teleport to Laser". Navigate the laser obby to get the domo. Tip: Use "become domo" so you become shorter, and thus less likely to hit your head on a laser.

Neon DomoEdit


Teleporter to Neon Domo

Follow the lava flow from the volcano to just before it splits into two streams. On the right is a pile of rocks. On the side towards the volcano, not too high up, there's a teleporter that takes you to Neon Domo's area.

Striped DomoEdit

Go into the house at spawn and click on the pillow and you’ll be teleported to Cloud Domo. Walk across a bridge to another cloud and Striped Domo will be there.

Polkadot DomoEdit

Look at the right end of the rainbow (grasslands area).

Brick DomoEdit

Click "options" on the left side of your screen and select "Teleport to Brick Maze". The Brick domo can be found on one of the pillars connecting the the ceiling. (Tip: Zooming out helps!)

Brown DomoEdit

Go to the base of the hill behind Top Hat Domo and find the secret door on the side towards the prehistoric area.

Earth Domo Edit

In the house, there is a globe. Click on it and you will be teleported to the Earth Domo.

Glowing DomoEdit

Go to the side of the volcano that faces the mountain. Climb up to the second layer from the top, all the way on the right (nearest the ocean). There's a secret door that leads straight to Glowing Domo. no u.

Angel Domo Edit

There is a broken bridge in the spawn area. Jump up and down on the debris under the broken bridge until you teleport to Heaven. The Angel Domo is on top of one of the columns. You have to climb up an invisible ladder to get to it.

Devil Domo Edit

In the castle, go up on the parapet and click the candle in the corner near the ocean and the grasslands. You will then be taken to the place with Devil Domo. Don't touch the lava!

Space Domo Edit

Space domo

Coming back out from Space Domo's teleporter

Around the back side of Top Hat Domo, jump out from the hill (don't go too far from the hill) where you teleport to it.

Checkered DomoEdit

Touch the penguin (snowy area) to be teleported to an obby.

Diamond DomoEdit

Diamond Domo is sitting in plain sight on a crate inside the secret mine (see Sparkley Domo).

Moon Domo Edit

In the Grasslands, there is a river that leads into the void. Look under the water (zoom out and pan down) and you will see a blue circle. Jump on the circle and you will find Moon Domo.

Alien Domo Edit

Once in space (or the moon or Milky Way), wait for the UFO to appear. When it charges its beam down, go into said beam and you will be inside the vehicle with Alien Domo.

Bubble Domo Edit

Buy a cloud and fly above the grasslands, you'll see it. (It may also be possible to get this by jumping down from Cloud Domo or Striped Domo.) Or, you can ride the bubble that goes up to it. (would be easier with a grapple hook from shop)

Doh'mo DomoEdit

And In the grasslands, near the castle next to Purple Domo's cave, jump off the edge with a gravity coil and walk towards the land, if done right you won’t die and you will see Doh’mo sitting there waiting!

Mouse DomoEdit

On the outside of the house, on the side that faces the spawn point, there's a small mouse hole. Go into that hole and complete the obby (don't touch the mousetraps) to find Mouse Domo.

Teleporter DomoEdit

Go to VIP and under the Shoop Da Whoop Domo there is a blue sparkly area in the water. Stand on it to get teleported to a puzzle of teleporters. The correct teleporter, from where you stand is the 4th collumn 4th row.

Rock DomoEdit

Go into the crystal caves underneath the big mountain between the snowy and molten areas. Follow the stream from the waterfall to where it goes into the wall. Go in that secret door.

Roblox DomoEdit

Roblox domo

How to find Roblox domo

Go into the crystal caves underneath the big mountain between the snowy and molten areas. Find the narrow hallway (on the right if you're facing away from the waterfall) and follow it until it just starts to open up. Climb up the rocks on the left; Roblox Domo is behind them, next to the wall.

Magenta DomoEdit

Magenta domo

Magenta domo's invisible ladder and doorway

Go to the crystal caves underneath the big mountain between the snowy and molten areas. Facing away from the waterfall, find the doorway to the left of the stream. Go through the tunnel until you see a Jedi. Turn left and find the invisible ladder next to the wall. Climb the ladder and go through the hidden door into Magenta Domo's room.

YinYang DomoEdit

In the crystal caves, face Domoseed the Fallen's teleporter, then turn left and go to the wall. Turn left again and go to the corner (behind the two small square rocks/columns). Face the corner (45 degree angle to both walls), then jump up into the hidden doorway.

Paper DomoEdit


Paper domo's entrance

Follow the directions to Roblox Domo, but don't climb the rocks. Instead, go around them to the left, to where there's an "inside corner". Find the hidden door in that corner. (To fit through the doorway, you might need to walk sideways using Shift Lock + WASD.)

Mummy DomoEdit

In the desert, jump into the top of the pyramid. Go between the pillars and go on top of the brownish rectangle (tomb?), near the wall, to get teleported to the mummy's room.

Sand DomoEdit

In the desert, climb to the top of the highest hill using the ledges.

Cookie Domo (Yummy!) Edit

Go into the top of the volcano (where Red Domo is). Facing the same direction as Red Domo, go to the right corner and wait until you sink through the lava.

Waffle DomoEdit

Go to Cookie Domo's room. Face Cookie Domo, then make a 90 degree turn to the left. Walk to the wall. Turn 90 degrees to the right. Walk forward.

Smoke DomoEdit

Go to the top of the volcano and jump up onto the almost-invisible ladder. Climb the ladder to be teleported to Smoke Domo's area.

Black & White DomoEdit

Go to Checkered Domo's area, but stay on the side with the teleport. Face the obby, then turn right. Go to the wall right next to the cliff to be teleported to yet another obby. Complete it to get Black and White Domo. Careful, don't touch the ceiling!

Fire DomoEdit

In Orange Domo's obby, the top of the pillar on the right of Orange Domo is a teleporter.

Plaid DomoEdit

In the lowest room of the middle tower of the castle, check the corner of the carpet near the bookcase.

Cow Domo Edit

Inside the house at spawn, click the hamburger on the table. You will be taken to a field with Cow Domo near you.

Jailed Domo Edit

In the castle, go to the middle tower and go up the ladder to the middle floor. Look at the paper on the desk for a password. Go back downstairs to the jail and type the password into the chat the bars. If you can't get back out in time before the password wears off.

Tix Domo Edit


Tix Domo's hidden door

Go outside the castle on the side towards the grasslands, and find the hidden door in the base of the tower closer to the ocean.

Tinfoil Domo Edit

On the side of the castle next to the snowy area, go to the top of the tower that's nearest the ocean.

Noob DomoEdit

Go to the bedroom in the middle tower of the castle. Go into the wardrobe using the secret door on its right side.

Stud Domo Edit

Go to the castle entrance and find the hidden doorway on the left side of the inner archway.

Slime Domo Edit

Get on top of the middle tower in the castle, The middle tower closest to the snow biome will have the domo on it, An invisible path will lead to it from the middle poopie

Technical Domo Edit

On the spawn screen, line up your mouse with the I in "If you have...". Move the mouse straight up until a little green domo appears. (The spawn screen used to be titled "Welcome to Find the Domos", and Technical Domo was hiding behind the n in Find. He's still in the same place, but the title isn't there.)

Nuclear Domo Edit


Nuclear Domo's hidden door

Go to the outside of the spawn area's wall, towards the lava area. Go to just before the bridge that's across from the house and jump up into the hidden doorway. Follow the hallway to Nuclear Domo.

Creeper Domo Edit

In the crystal caves, find the bit of grass in the corner to the left of the waterfall. The front of it will teleport you to Creeper Domo's area. Complete the obby (avoid the Creeper!) to get him.

Clock Domo Edit

There's a clock above a door on the walls of the spawn area. The door opens every five minutes.

Gradient Domo Edit

Look at the top of the middle tower of the castle, on the side towards Jetpack Domo.

Dust Domo Edit

In the house, There's a hidden ladder on the piano. Climb up

Sunset Domo Edit

Stand on top of the hill with the rainbow waterfall, on the end nearest the ocean (above Purple Domo's cave) and wait for Sunset Domo to appear. (You don't have to wait until sunset.)

Zombie Domo Edit


Zombie Domo's teleporter

In the molten area, there's a hill next to the desert. On the side towards the spawn area, there's a small square rock that's diagonal to the other rocks. It's a teleporter to Zombie Domo's area. Complete the obby to get Zombie Domo. Don't fall into the mist!

Rose Domo Edit

Examine the flowers in the ground-floor room of the middle tower in the castle.

Lightning Domo Edit

In the castle, jump up on the battlements on the side towards the grasslands, and walk towards the snowy area. You'll go through a secret door in the side of the tower and fall down onto a glowing yellow orb that's a teleporter up to Lightning Domo's cloud.

Flipped Domo Edit

Go to where snow domo is, and stand near the water. Zoom out and pan down until you see Flipped Domo underneath the world. Line yourself up with it, then step into the water and walk across to get it.

Cyborg Domo Edit

In the prehistoric area, climb up to the waterfall and go above the troll Domo’s entrance, there is a stone square which will teleport you to Cyborg Domo.

Jet Pack Domo Edit

Go on the top of the castle. on one of the sides you should see a jet pack domo flying around. Jump a few times until you get it.

Target Domo Edit

Go to the winter biome and go near the edge, and there will be a blue platform, walk on it and you'll be flung to the target domo. It will take a few tries, just keep trying!

Domoseed The Fallen Domo Edit

Domoseed the fallen

Teleporter location for Domoseed the Fallen

In the crystal caves underneath the big mountain between the snowy and molten areas, face the wall with the waterfall. Find the purple crystal on a ledge to the left of the doorway. Jump on that crystal to be teleported to a room with Domoseed.

Candycane Domo Edit

Teleport to VIP and walk along the wall on the side that the final Domo is on and you’ll eventually find a ladder. Climb up and you’ll enter a non collide wall.

Pencil Domo Edit

Go to the house in the spawn area. Look on the desk and click or touch the pencil sitting on the desk.

Dragon DomoEdit

Go to the top of the middle tower of the castle. Watch the dragon for a bit and notice how she always stops near one of the corners of the tower. Wait there, then jump at the opportune moment.

Chocolate DomoEdit

In the house, there's a chocolate bar on top of the bookshelf.

Pine DomoEdit

Near the top of the tallest pine tree in the snowy biome, on the side facing the lava biome.

Concrete Domo Edit

Enter the castle from the entrance and turn right and turn around. Concrete domo is on the left side on the entrance door.

Monkey Domo Edit

On the pirate island, in the tree farthest from the treasure chest. If you see bananas, you're in the right tree.

1337 Domo Edit

Behind the epic Domo, there should be a face. Jump through it and follow the path. Go into the opening in the upwards tunnel and you will be propelled up towards the 1337 Domo’s room.

God Domo Edit

In the molten area, there is a burning branch. Click on it and complete the obby to find God Domo.

Tiger Domo Edit

Go to the bedroom in the middle tower of the castle. Tiger Domo is between the bed and wall, towards the foot of the bed.

Shadow Domo Edit


Shadow Domo

Just a little bit past Paper Domo's secret door, there's a small rectangular rock on top of a bigger rock. Stand on that rock to drop into Shadow Domo's area.

Nyan Cat Domo Edit

In space, face Space Domo, then turn left. Walk to the edge of the platform. Jump off near the middle, hugging the wall so you go through the hidden door.

Cheese Domo Edit

In the Mouse Domo's area, the Cheese Domo is on the middle mousetrap's cheese.

Domosplosion Domo Edit

Domosplosion domo

Secret door to Domosplosion Domo

Find Rock Domo, then find the secret door in the left corner behind him.

Sun Domo Edit

In the God Domo’s area, there will be a invisible platform under the obby. Go behind the sun and touch the box sticking out to find the Sun Domo.

Hay Domo Edit

In Cow Domo's area, climb out of the fence around you and search around the field. In another fence, Hay Domo is to the side of a bale of hay.

Leaf Domo Edit

Climb the back of the teal dinosaur (the tallest one) until you're at the top of its head, just before you go into the tree. Now look to your right and down. See that green bump on the other tree? That's Leaf Domo.

Domosaurus Domo Edit

Climb the back of the teal dinosaur and walk straight into the tree.

Troll Domo Edit

Go to the dinosaur area, to the left of the waterfall. There's a conveyor belt going the wrong way. Jump on it, and keep jumping to get to the end. Note: At the very end of the conveyor the ground is not solid. You may need to Gravity coil/Grapple/Cloud/Teleport past that. Or, if you have Mad Skill, you can jump it. But that takes mad skills and patience. That will teleport you to a set of slippery rooms with fake Troll Domos. Find the one that tells you to pick a side, and jump through the wall behind him to find the real Troll Domo.

Virus Domo Edit

In the house, there is a laptop. Click on the space bar and a passageway will open up on the wall over the bed, leading you to Virus Domo.

Astronaut Domo Edit

Go to Milky Way Domo‘s area and do the parkour off the end of one of the arms.

Milky Way Domo Edit

(The checklist has this one as Milyway.) Go to the top of the waterfall in the prehistoric biome. There's a rock sticking out in the middle, with a blue button on it. The button is actually a teleporter to the Milky Way.

Cardboard Domo Edit

Inside the castle, near the fruit vendors there are some boxes. The Domo is behind those boxes.

Tire Domo Edit

This one is on top of the mountain range in the prehistoric area, to the right of the waterfall. (It's one of the ones you can talk to, so just look for the question mark.)

Waterfall Domo Edit

In the prehistoric area, go to the middle part of the big waterfall, then jump down and into the wall of water.

Tree Domo Edit

In the prehistoric area, climb the bare tree that's closest to the waterfall.

Explosion Domo Edit

In the secret mine (see Sparkley Domo), detonate the dynamite, then jump into the hole. Go down the mineshaft to find an obby. Complete the obby to get to the other side. (Don't worry, you don't die when you fall, and there are rocks on the near side so you can climb back up and try again.) Climb the hill and detonate the dynamite. Go through the resulting doorway and climb the hill on the right to find Explosion Domo.

Shufflebot Domo Edit

Near the Duck Domo’s hole, there is a circular pad that sticks out of the rock slightly. Jump on it and you will be propelled up. It may take a few tries but you will find a platform. Get on it and Shufflebot Domo will be there. Note: If you don't jump straight on, you will go horizontal. Second Note: Many believe this Domo is the hardest to obtain, don't get discouraged!

Turtle DomoEdit

In the grasslands, click the turtle that's in the waterfall (on the third "step" from the top), then quickly go through the doorway that opens in the rock.

Jedi Domo Edit

Jedi domo

Jedi domo

Go to the crystal caves underneath the big mountain between the snowy and molten areas. Facing away from the waterfall, find the doorway to the left of the stream. Go through the tunnel to find what looks like Jedi Domo on the left. Use it to teleport to a room where the actual Jedi Domo is located.

Bandit Domo Edit

Go to the middle doorway in the wall between the spawn area and the lava area. Facing the lava area, go to the right-hand side of the doorway and fiddle and turn until you get Bandit Domo.

Super Domo Edit

Look down from Striped Domo's cloud.

Almost Domo Edit

Go to Tire Domo and look over the edge of the cliff to the water below. Jump down so you land on the rock in the water. Hop across the rocks to Almost Domo.

Caveman Domo Edit

Go to the ledge in the middle of the prehistoric area's waterfall and go through the secret door in the rock between the two streams of water.

Lava Domo Edit

In front of the volcano in the lava area there is a stream of lava. Go in between the 2 stacks of rocks on either side of the stream and you will fall into an area with the Domo.

Apple Domo Edit

In the castle, go to the middle fruit vendor (blue awning). Click one of his "apples", then quickly go behind his stall to find Apple Domo in the crate that temporarily opened.

Wizard Domo Edit

In the castle, go up on the parapet next to the outermost tower (the one that has ocean on two sides). If you look closely, there's an almost-invisible walkway around the tower. Follow that walkway around to the wizard's room. The sparkly potion on the table teleports you to an obby. Complete the obby, avoiding the wizard's spells, to get Wizard Domo.

Miner Domo Edit

Inside the secret mine (see Sparkley Domo), there's a small hole in the rocks between the two mine shafts on the right wall. Enlarge the hole with your pickaxe to find Miner Domo. Be quick: the hole will fill back up again shortly.

Slender Domo Edit

This one flies around at night and teleports to lava. Get him quick before he leaves!!

King Domo Edit

On the outside of the castle, go to the side opposite the entrance (i.e. the side that's near the ocean but doesn't have a dock). Go in the door.

Demon Domo Edit

In the Devil Domo's area, click on the smallest rock next to the lava flow. A door will open in the wall behind the teleporter, revealing a demon Domo inside. Rush to it before the wall closes. Remember not to touch the lava!

Blizzard Domo Edit

Go to the snowy area, stand in an open area, wait for a blizzard, and hope the blizzard domo hits you. (You can also try running around like crazy during a blizzard.)

Duck Domo Edit

Go to the top of the mountain between the molten area and the snowy area. Find the hole near the middle and drop down into it.

Panda Domo Edit

Go to Black and White Domo's obby. Find the hidden door in the wall opposite to the teleport.

Balloon Domo Edit

The Balloon Domo spawns randomly around the map. Catch it in time and you get the badge!

Fossil Domo Edit

Go to the mountaintop behind Tire Domo and find the invisible hole near the corner towards the ocean and the desert area.

Doge Domo Edit

Go to the area where troll domo's entrance is (with the conveyor belt). On the left wall there's a hole where Doge Domo is chillin'.

Asteroid Domo Edit

Go to moon Domo’s area and stand in front of him then wait...

Sword Domo Edit

In the arena, click on one of the swords to be transported to the area. You will need to beat the guards and complete the obby to find the Sword Domo Tip: try to jump behind the guard and attack him from behind rather than attacking from the front.

Illuminati Domo  Edit

Go to the VIP island and go to the back right corner of the island. There should be a triangle on the ground. Face out towards the water standing on the triangle and click with teleport or grappling hook. You may also use a gravity coil If you do not have those tools, you need 6 other people to help you, each of you getting one of the colored keys from the triangles hidden around the map. When all seven keys are present, the lights will flash rapidly, and then a green brick walkway will appear. Be patient, wait for it to solidify before walking on it!

  • White - on the trunk of the pine tree near Snow Domo
  • Yellow - in the castle, under the candle that's the teleport to Devil Domo
  • Green - grasslands, on a pile of rocks near where the stream goes into the ocean
  • Black - on a rock at the end of the stream in the crystal caves (near Roblox/Paper/Shadow domos)
  • Blue - prehistoric area, back of the mountain with the waterfall, about the same elevation as Tire Domo
  • Red - on the back of one of the pillars in Orange Domo's obby
  • Orange - on the back of the left pillar inside the pyramid

Pirate Domo Edit

The pirate ship makes a circuit between the castle and the pirate island. Maybe talk to its captain?

Skeleton Domo Edit

In the castle, by the docks, there is a skull and crossbones above the exit. Click on it and you will get a skull. Get on the pirate ship and go to the island. Put the head on one of the headless skeletons. Repeat for the other 2 skeletons. Once all three skeletons have their heads, a hole will open up and you will get Skeleton Domo.

Dark Matter Domo Edit

When you head to the space area and go into the UFO there is a board with a bunch of numbers. The code is the number on the clock in the house. (The code changes every time it's used.) Type the code in and the dark matter block will be unlocked. Click or press it and it will teleport you to the Dark Matter Domo's Area.

Clay Domo Edit

Go into the pyramid and look at the vases: there's a group of two vases right next to a small gray pyramid, behind the pillars. Clay Domo is behind one of them.

Sandstone Domo Edit


Sandstone Domo's hidden door

In the tall lonely hill in the desert, there's a ledge that goes halfway up the side that faces the rivulet/lake. There's a hidden doorway just above the ledge.

Cactus Domo Edit


Cactus Domo's location

Look on the cactus that's closest to Sand Domo, towards the ocean.

Snake Domo Edit

In the desert area, find the two small holes across from each other. Watch for the snake to slither from one hole to the other. Click like mad across the path of the snake, so next time it slithers across, you'll click on the snake. (For best results, stand to the side rather than directly in the path - the snake may not venture out if you're standing in its way.) Note: It is very hard, and I mean it.

MLG Domo Edit

In the Illuminati Domo’s room, click on the eye on the triangle behind Illuminati Domo. You will be teleported to an obby. Complete it to find MLG Domo. There is a glitch where if you click the eye and equip a gear at the same time you get a gear during the obby.

Fidget Domo Edit

In the MLG Domo’s obby, there will be a ledge on the side of where you spawn. Jump on the ledge and slide through the hole to find Fidget Domo. Note: after going for the fidget domo you cant get back up and attempt the obby unless you have a friend to jump on.

Special Domos Edit

These domos are not counted towards completing the game.

Pumpkin Domo Edit

Can be found pretty much anywhere during Halloween (that is if the owner does a Halloween update :P).

The final dommyo Edit

The Final Domo is located in the VIP area, on the left side of the building. It will only be unlocked once you've found all of the other domos.

VIP Domo Edit

Go into the VIP room (preferably after purchasing VIP status, of course). VIP Domo is floating right in the middle of the room.

Mega Vip Domo Edit

It's the same as VIP Domo, except it's with Mega VIP.

Shoop Da Whoop Domo Edit

Note: Go to the VIP area, then turn right. You will see a domo face which is huge. Climb the water on it, until you touch the face.

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