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Finding Bigfoot

Finding Bigfoot is an Adventure game by sonicfan0405. The game is likely based off of the TV series "Finding Bigfoot". Your objective is to find the bigfoot which has taken your friends and rescue them. You start in the campsite where you and your friends camped before they were taken by the beast known as Bigfoot. To the citizens of the mountains, he's a legend but to some, they think he's true. With only a flashlight, you must make your way to the beast and find Alyssa and Steve.


ScrollScroll to first person mode
1Turn on/off flashlight


One night when you spawn, you have a nightmare and hear a growl and you're in the dark. That is Bigfoot and when you wake up, you find your friends are gone! Their's a village in the distance so their may be some citizens waiting ... waiting for you to play this game!


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 When you spawn, you will notice a village nearby ahead of your spawn. Head to that and listen to the NPC's so you know where to go next. The only big danger is Bigfoot and he's waiting for you to get your friends so when you come to the beast, be prepared and run for your life!