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Haunted Mine™

Haunted Mine™ is a horror game in ROBLOX, created by LeonSparrow on July 16, 2012. It is described as the scariest ROBLOX game and viewer's discretion is advised. In game, the player will be stuck in a Mine which is described as a Nightmare Mine. Your main goal is to find a way out of the mine and into the Sanctum.


The game starts in a deserted mine in the year 2006, where the biggest mining facility of ROBLOXia becomes haunted. In the year 1988, the biggest mining facility of ROBLOXia was open for public use. It was all fine until in 2006, ROBLOXians discovered black, solid objects in the mine. The manager and miners who forced their way in turns brown and had a 20 day old body.

The game wants the player to follow the red arrows pointed on the ground. There will be pop-ups around the mine when you are following the arrows. Along the way, there will be several pick-ups. The first pick-up will be a pistol. This shoots in a curved line which deals small amounts of damage. The second pick-up is the shotgun. The shotgun is a more accurate pistol which deals bigger amounts of damage than the pistol.

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