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High School Horror Story is a horror game created by EmoRedKid on April 10, 2011. Players will have to solve the mystery of the high school massacre in order to win. Before EmoRedKid's BC ran out, players could win the game and earn a badge as well as earning one upon entering the game.

Players can purchase the VIP gamepass to access more features such as transforming into a ghost. On March, 2013, the game was completely redesigned to ensure a more horrific feeling to the game. In its latest update, new dynamic lighting and a new flashlight has been added to ensure a more horror feeling.

Plot Edit

Not long after the previous camping trip, Mike takes the kids back to school. When the players are taken to the school, Mike tutors them in an evening club. As he does so, the power shuts down and students are butchered by a shocking force. 

Following their meal, the lights flash in and off, and the beast arrives. The kids run to the gymnasium and the doors to the stairs mysteriously open, but the beast teleports to the bottom of the stairs killing some players, but then disappears. The children  open the first door, which has a key to the second, which has a maze key to the third. The third one has a ventilation system, with complex structures until the students make it to the janitors room. A darkness arrives, and drowns kids who have to make it up a parkour obstacle course to the top. They can then slide down a tunnel, but the middle one kills them. 

As they escape, they follow several lights while the beast continues to coaches them but fails and vaporises. The first player who makes it to the campsite will earn a badge. When they reach the bus stop, they find Mike, who is revealed to be the beast through a series of false realities.


Arrow Keys
1Turn on/off the flashlight
Left MouseInteract/Close/Open doors


As of March, 2013, the game has been completely redesigned to ensure a scarier feeling in the game. This includes a more sophisticated school design, dynamic lighting and a flashlight. The game's map is much larger than the old map, which makes exploration much more thrilling.


The game takes place in a suburban school ground where a massacre has ended just under 24 hours ago. Upon entering the school, a pile of dead bodies is left rotting on the pathway, blood spilled everywhere.

Inside the school and the vents, blood is increasingly showing, which could mean that nearly the school had died.

Game playEdit

The game, as the name implies, is a high school where a massacre has just ended. As detectives, players can either work together solving each puzzle and moving on to the next in order to find out the mystery and win the game.

Players spawn in a yellow bus that is parked outside the school. Upon entering the school, players find huge masses of blood stuck on the wall of the school. Players will need to find the right vent in order to go to the Witching Club.

Upon entering the vents, players find bigger masses of blood on the walls.

Players then try to solve more puzzles in order to find out who killed the school.


There used to be badges before EmoRedKid's BC expired. There were four badges.

IconNameDescriptionCreation date
WelcomeHighSchoolHorrorStoryI've played the old High School Horror Story.This badge is no longer available. Only old players of the High School Horror Story has earned this.October 20, 2012
WinHighSchoolHorrorStoryI've won the old High School Horror StoryThis badge is no longer available. Only old players of the High School Horror Story has earned this. October 20, 2012
WelcomeHighSchoolHorrorStory2Welcome To High School Horror StoryEarn this badge by entering the school courtyard!March 8, 2013
WinHighSchoolHorrorStory2I've Won High School Horror StoryEarn this badge by solving the mystery behind the school!March 8, 2013


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