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Game information
Created by: Exorcist998
Created on: 2/13/2011 (Summer 2014)
Total no. of visits (rounded) 75,000
Genre Town and City
Situated in the fictional U.S state of Alicota, when finished it will be a focused-on-driving game, with several counties and atmospherical sorroundings.

Horizon is a Town and City game by Exorcist998.


Horizon is a anticipated open-world driving game which is based on the USA fictional state of Alicota. It was open on summer 2014.

Link to the wikiEdit

Roblox Horizon Wiki link >> [1]

Link to the GameEdit

Game Link >> [2]


2/13/2011 is originally when the place was created, it was only revamped on Summer 2014.



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