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Ice and Lava Obby

Ice and lava obby is a game created by awesomeguy19991 on August 12, 2010.


In the wonderful city of Ice and Lava, life was great. Excluding one bit of information. The spawn room was built around a barrel of toxin. As the city continued to develop, it began to pulse. Soon, mutations began to occur. Workers grew extra legs, arms, and even hats! So, the residents made a decision. A group effort was made to move it away, to the baseplate's edge, but their effort was futile. It wouldn't budge. One uneducated child, unknowing of the ways of the world, thought, "Let's poke it off the cliff!" So, with a sharp metal rod left over from construction, he began poking, and prodding. Soon, the barrel's weak spot was hit, and BANG! A huge explosion of green smoke came out, and liquid toxin started pouring out. The boy ran off for his life, warning all in his way. Can you escape before it's TOO LATE?


This game is still in Dev. It is v2.0, and is being revamped.

Current revamp stage: Right after the toxin room.

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