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Identity Fraud [Revamp] is a horror/puzzle game created by Team M0THERB0ARD, in which there are three mazes you have to complete, followed by a boss fight. It is recommended that you play the game for yourself before reading this article, because there WILL be spoilers for the whole game.

Gameplay Edit

The game starts out with an intro sequence, in which the player introduces themself, and explains how they have a doctor. The player proceeds to visit the doctor, and they mention that the player seems tired, and asks how they've slept. The player says they have not slept, and when the doctor asks them why, after a long silence, the player says that they don't think the visits are working. The doctor states that they have only been doing it for a month, and the player becomes alarmed, stating to themself that the doctor wants to hurt them, and that they need to get out of there. The player asks if they can go, and the doctor says that they still have half an hour left. The player goes silent, thinking to themself that they need to escape. The doctor asks if they player is okay, and they say that they are unable to breathe. The doctor yells for help, while the player asks themself if the doctor has poisoned them. The player reassures themself that this is the case, the intro ends, and the game begins.

The first maze consists of brick walls that form many different hallways, with lights hanging near the ceiling. This is the spawn location of all players new to the server. The first maze usually has three monsters; Fraud, Stan, and Ralph. Fraud will take on the appearance of the player it has last killed, Stan will follow you if you don't look behind you and attempt to scare you, and Ralph will chase the player down until he gets close enough to kill the player.

The second maze consists of walls that appear to be made of hedges, and a floor looking similar to stone or rocks, along with the occasional light hanging from the ceiling. This maze only contains two monsters (unless others are lured into this maze); Alice and Stan. Alice's AI is currently still being studied, nobody knows how exactly to avoid her or how to make her go into her physical form. While Alice is in her pixie/firefly form, she is harmless, though when she turns into her physical form, it's time to run.

Identity Fraud
The third maze seems to take place in a school, with blue locker like shelves. This maze has two monsters, unless others are lured into the maze. James is the only monster that spawns in the third maze, aside from Stan. James only charges when the player moves within his sight, and will hit the player if they don't stop moving before James reaches them.
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