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One of MeepCity's current thumbnails.

MeepCity is a game developed by alexnewtron. The game has over a billion visits and has been on the top page for almost two years. The game has many references to Club Penguin, Having a town, Parties, Buildings (Like Hospitals, Pizza places, ect.) And pets, Called Meeps. The game has had a large following And has won a Bloxy.


The game has a large fanbase, Proved by the fact there is over a billion visits. While the game itself is made fairly well, But the players have ruined the game for some. The game often has Oders (Online Daters) Playing it, Which can make some people feel very uncomfortable. The party feature usually has strip clubs, or other inappropriate things, And they had to remove the naming your party feature.

Other FeaturesEdit

The game also consists of many more features, Such as an Avatar editor, Toys, A VIP feature called "PLUS", A radio, And even a whiteboard you can write on (If you buy the gamepass).

Related GamesEdit

Alex is known for games besides MeepCity. He also developed the popular DodgeBall Game, Pears To Pairs, And the lesser known Club DJ.