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memories is a new in-development game by ItsFutur. The game is an intellectually-based strategic puzzle game with multiple endings. The game is based off of the acclaimed puzzle poem, The Fabric of Reality that can be found in the game's description.


The game is presently under development. Initial production on the singularly-developed game began on 11 December, 2013. Details about the game were detailed in a public service announcement on ItsFutur's Second YouTube, FUTURTOPIA. 


The game is reported to have multiple endings based on the intellectual 'choices' to make in your mind for the game. There is both an 'easy way' and a 'hard way' that will make the game extraordinarily more thoughtful, or in the case of the easy way - easier and less thoughtful with the price of potential failure when you near the end of the game.




  • Memories was inspired by a dream that Futur had when he was eleven. The idea of Memories was consolidated and effective though when the idea of adding an unknown narrator, and the integration of 'The Fabric of Reality' was added.

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destroyed viet neam war house (marine1000000) Memories (ItsFutur) sincereewerdead's Place
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