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NO U! is a game created by tbradm on September 9, 2009. The object of the game is to fill in all correct boxes, and to leave the boxes which are not supposed to be filled, blank. This can be done via the number clues given at the top of the grid. Every time a player refreshes a box, new clues are given. Players can choose from 12 different board sizes, varying from a 4x4 size to the biggest and hardest size, a 15x15 size.


Right-clickMark a square empty
Left-clickMark a square filled


"NO U!" is a nonogram game The object of a nonogram is to fill in all the correct squares of the grid, and to leave empty the squares that are not supposed to be filled. You do this using the number clues given to you each game. Each number is the amount of consecutive filled squares, and they are presented in the respective order. Easy starts are when (on a 5x5 grid), the number says "5" Then you know to mark every square in that row. Also on a 5x5 grid, if the numbers are "2 2", then you know to mark the first two and the last two in that row. You may also mark the middle square as empty by right-clicking on it (You do not need to mark all empty squares with this symbol, it is only for your own reference). Left-click on a square to mark it "Filled". Right-click on it to mark it "Empty". Use logic to solve the entire puzzle.

If these instructions do not make sense to you, you can try looking up the word 'nonogram' on Google.

Game Board SizesEdit

There are a list of 12 different sizes people can play in. This list will tell players what they are.

Board SizeLevelBadge obtained per completion


IconNameDescriptionCreation date
NOUWinnerNO U: WINNERYou get this by beating any sized level. You could've gotten this for beating a 14x14, truly epic. There's also those who get this by beating a 4x4... not as cool... -Image by theRalJanuary 15, 2010
NOU15x15WinnerNO U: 15x15 Winner!15 x 15 = OVAR 9000!!1!!!1! ...Not really, but your brain will still asplode if you beat one of them. -Image by theRalJanuary 15, 2010
jbradrockband1's Place NO U! - A Nonogram Game (tbradm) ben3345's Place
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