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Paintball! is a famous first person shooter kurac game made by daxter33. It was later copied by Jaredvaldez4, but the game slot was then changed, and Jaredvaldez4's account was terminated. The game features players fighting in either the red or the blue team and fighting the opposing team with a paintball gun in a variety of game modes. Players can earn access to different paintball guns by leveling up to certain levels. Paintball! currently has over 360,000 favorites; this is the fifth highest amount of favorites of any game on Roblox. Paintball! is the second most played game on Roblox, only surpassed in place visits by Base Wars: The Land. Paintball! is also the second game to ever reach 20 million visits, as well as the most visited game that is under the FPS genre. Paintball! has been praised mainly for the complex scripting and gameplay present within the game, as well as the realistic nature of the function of the paintball guns. 

Several updates were recently added to the game. As of April 2013, the game currently has, in the most recent major updates, splats of paintballs added on the player being hit by an enemy to provide a more realistic feel. The paint splats also appear on any stationary object when targeted. Also, thrown grenades produce multiple paintball projectiles shooting in random directions. In addition, the Kill Cam (which provided a few seconds of a view of the enemy who killed the player) was improved, and a clip system for the weapons in the game was also added to make the game much more fair by requiring players to reload after firing all ammunition in a single clip. Three new maps have recently been added to the game; Lowlands by Fidler, Gorge by Artuha00, and Classic Paintball Custom by Finwei. Daxter33 is currently accepting more maps. A rocket launcher paintball weapon was recently added to the game as well.


Paintball GunsEdit

Starter1All players start with this gun upon entering the game. The starter is a semi-automatic paintball gun that fires a single projectile that arcs as it travels farther at a medium speed rate. The amount of paintballs per clip is 100.
Shotgun10The shotgun fires multiple projectiles that are spread out. This allows the player using the gun to kill more opposing players at the same time or in one shot. Despite this, the shotgun fires at a slower rate than the starter. The amount of ammunition per clip is 100.
Rifle20The rifle works in a similar fashion to the starter. However, the ammunition from the rifle flies farther and more accurately than the starter gun. The amount of paintballs that can be fired per clip is 100.
Burst25The burst is not a gun; it is simply an add-on to the ammunition fired from the starter gun. Burst allows players to fire 3 shots with one click from the starter with a range that is matched to that of the rifle. The amount of shots that can be fired per clip is 100.
Sniper30The sniper has the longest range and most accuracy of any of the guns that are offered in the game. One unique feature of the sniper is a scope that allows players to zoom in more than with the other guns. Despite these benefits, the gun also has the slowest firing rate out of any of the guns within Paintball!. One can easily kill an enemy from one base to the other. The amount of ammunition per clip is 20.
Grenade Launcher40The grenade launcher shoots paintballs that generate miniature explosions, similar to a paintball grenade, at a relativly medium firing rate. This gun is often used to kill multiple enemies at the same time. The amount of paintball grenades per clip is 10.
Automatic50This gun fires paintballs continuously while holding down the mouse. It has a far firing range as well. The automatic is, because of the fully automatic nature, long range, and high rate of fire, one of the most powerful weapon within the game. The amount of paintballs per clip is 100.
Rocket Launcher60This gun currently has the highest level requirement, at 60, due to its power. It works in a similar manner to the grenade launcher, although the projectiles for the rocket launcher are not affected by gravity, thus it could fly straight towards any targeted area. Another significant difference between the rocket launcher and the other Paintball! weapons is the gun's shape. While most paintball guns are held firmly in the hand, the rocket launcher is placed at shoulder height. The amount of paintball rockets per clip is 15.

Other WeaponsEdit

  • Players can throw small, round bright team-colored paintball grenades that creates a small explosion of multiple paintball splats that will tag enemies by pressing the F key. Players also appear to have an unlimited amount of grenades, so the player can throw as many grenades as desired. Some physics are involved in the grenade when it is thrown, such as gravity and velocity, where the speed of the grenade rolling can be affected by obstacles that are in front of the rolling direction of the grenade. The paintball grenades do not require any levels to be used and is most effective in claustrophobic areas where it may contain other members.
  • Another weapon that the player can use in daxter33's Paintball! is the Paint Sentry. The Paint Sentry can be obtained as a kill streak reward for making 8 kills in one life. The Paint Sentry can be set up by pressing the number listed "Sentry" on the hot bar. After the number is selected, it will then show the Paint Sentry, which is white when first seen, and then pressing the left mouse button again to deploy it, which changes the color of the sentry to the team color it is aligned to the player who had deployed the sentry. It spots and automatically attacks any enemies who attempt to cross its path of shooting. The player will earn 100 experience per enemy that the Paint Sentry kills. However, it is possible for the enemy to destroy the Paint Sentry. While the player stays alive, with combined kills of the player and their deployed sentry, they can then earn 8 more kills in the current life. By doing this, the player can unlock another sentry. Each sentry unlocked can only be used once. In the new updates, the player must die before regenerating 8 kills in their current life to achieve another sentry.

Bugs: If the player attempts to deploy a sentry in an invalid place, such as in the air, his/her sentry in the hot bar will disappear, and the sentry will not be placed. When the player switches back to his/her paintball gun, (s)he is still able to shoot, but the sentry will still display in the player's view. However, once the player respawns by any means, such as being killed by an enemy or resetting, the usable sentry will return in the hot bar. 

  • Another weapon that any player can obtain are the landmines. Landmines can kill enemies when they walk over it. The landmines can be obtained after a player earns a 4 kill streak. They can set landmines by pressing the number in which it says landmines on the hotbar.
  • The newest weapon is the helicopter. This can be obtained when a 20-kill streak is received. As such, the helicopter is said to have been the deadliest weapon in the whole game.


ControlsEffect & Other information
1Select/unselect paintball gun tool (the tool is first unselected when the player first spawns/respawns in the game. It is possible to have the tool unselected when it is equipped, but it is not recommended for the player to do so, however, as the player will need to select it again in order to be able to use it.)
QAim down sights/scope/change back to hip-fire mode (aiming down the sights improves accuracy of the weapon, although the player would move slowly while aiming. The player may press the q button again to switch back to hip-fire mode, sacrificing accuracy for normal mobility and vice versa. For sniper, an "actual" scope will be viewed from, with crosshairs.)
Left-clickFire weapon (the left mouse button is the typical button for firing a projectile from the player's weapon. The projectile that is released depends on the weapon that the player is using; for example, the starter paintball gun shoots a single projectile that arcs down as it moves far away, while the shotgun paintball gun shoots multiple small projectiles that covers a large area at close range.)
RReload (in the new update, paintball guns require ammunition instead of having an infinite amount of paintballs in one clip. The player has an unlimited amount of clips, but a limited amount of paintballs in the clip.)
ShiftSprint (While sprinting, the player can move faster than normal, but in a limited amount of time. In addition, during sprinting, the player may not be able to fire his/her weapon until the player has finished sprinting.)
FThrow paint grenade (the paint grenade detonates in a medium team-colored explosion that can damage or kill multiple enemies who are caught in its explosion after approximately 3 seconds after throwing said paint grenade. It is also affected by certain forms of physics, such as gravity and velocity. It appears that the player has an infinite amount of grenades, and as such, as much paint grenades can be thrown by the player as desired.
CCrouch (crouching can decrease the size of the player due to how low the player is crouching and increases the weapon's accuracy, but at the cost of moving slowly while crouching. Pressing the c button while crouching will bring the player back to the standing stance.)
XLie down (lying down lays the player flat, making the player rather more difficult to see and significantly increases the weapon's accuracy, but the player will move at a severely slower speed than while crouching. Pressing the X button while lying down will bring the player back to the standing stance.)
PChange weapon (upon pressing the button, a black GUI menu will pop up in the screen showing the weapons that the player has unlocked and the weapons that the player has yet to obtain. The changes will only take effect upon respawning.)

Game ModesEdit

There is a total of six different game modes within Paintball!. The modes are: deathmatch, team swap, controller, elimination, capture the flag, and base defense. Each mode has a time limit of 15 minutes. If the objective of the game mode is fulfilled by a team, the game will end before the time limit ends, except for controller, in which the game almost always ends when the time expires, in which the victor is declared to the team with the most flags controlled when the time ends.

DeathmatchThe game mode involves the red and blue teams competing to reach 50 tags by fighting each other until one of the team reaches the set amount of tags (or the most amount of tags if 50 tags has not been reached after the time expires). Players need to do anything in order to fulfill the goal of making tags.
Team SwapThe game mode involves players placed into either the red or blue team fighting to switch defeated players into the opposite team and vice versa. Players can get other players on their team when a player tags another player. The game ends when all players are in one team while the other team has no more players left, or when the time expires and whichever team that has the most players wins.
ControllerPlayers work together in one team to control the most flags. Players capture flags by staying near a neutral/enemy flag and waiting for a short time to completely convert the flag into the team's flag. The more players at a flag, the faster it will change. The capturing of the flag will be intercepted and will turn translucent if an enemy is nearby to stop it. At the end of the game mode, the team with the most flags controlled wins. To avoid ties at the end of the game, there are an odd amount of flags present, which is 3. Defensive and Offensive tags are rewarded if the player protects his/her flag by tagging an enemy player who is near a friendly flag, and if he/she tags an enemy player who is near their flag.
EliminationPlayers fight against the other team in order to eliminate all of the opponents. Eliminated players are placed in the lobby and cannot participate in the game round overall until the game ends. The game ends when all of the players in a team are tagged, or the time expires and the team with the most players alive wins. To compensate for the inability for players to return to the fighting area once they are tagged, 500 experience points are awarded for every tag instead of the typical 100.
Capture the FlagPlayers battle each other on the opposing teams by attempting to capture each other's flags. In order for a flag to be successfully captured, players must capture the flag out of the enemy's territory, and transport the flag to the territory of the said player's team. The team with the most flags captured wins. A player scores 50 Experience Points for picking up a flag, and 500 Experience Points for returning it to the base.
Base DefenseEach team has 1 flag in a fixed area that is affiliated with their color. If the team captures the enemy flag before the timer expires, the team that captured the flag wins. If neither teams have caught the flag by the end of the game, the team with the most tags made in the round will win that round. Defensive and Offensive tags are rewarded if you protect your flag by tagging another player, or if you tag a player to take down their flag.
King Of The HillOne flag is placed in the middle. Upon capturing it, the team who captured it will then start to earn points for tags they make. Once the opposing team captures it, they will start to earn points for tags that they make. The winner of the round is awarded to the most points they make or if a team reaches 60 points.


Paintball! currently has fourteen maps. daxter33 has stated in the description of the game that he is accepting more maps into the game for updates, so more maps may be added soon.

Map NameCreatorImg
Gorge artuha00 No image found
Medieval Pasture Dannynumber1 MedievalPasturePaintballMap
Hillside Daxter33 HillsidePaintballMap
Downtown Daxter33 No image found
Lowlands Fidler LowlandsPaintballMap
Classic Paintball Custom Finwei ClassicPaintballCustomPaintballMap
Museum Finwei MuseumPaintballMap
Snow Day Finwei SnowDayPaintballMap
Danger Close Pennyz DangerClosePaintballMap
Blitz Pit Pennyz BlitzPitPaintballMap
Mountain artuha00 No image found
Depot TippmanPaintball DepotPaintballMap
Scrapyard TippmanPaintball ScrapyardPaintballMap
Construction TippmanPaintball No image found

Experience ChartEdit

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The following is an Experience Chart.

RankXP Points NeededUnlocks (If any)
4023100Grenade Launcher
6035100Rocket Launcher


Community rating 91%
Roblox Games Wiki rating Not scored
Maxxz rating Not scored

Paintball! has had positive reviews which praised for its originality, realistic movements and entertainment. The game holds approximately 400,000 favorites and received approximately 91% rating from the community.

It hasn't been rated by Maxxz and the Roblox Games Wiki, but has been well-loved by millions of fans from across the ROBLOX community.


  • The game is the most played paintball themed game on Roblox, as well as the second most played game of all time.
  • The game had its name changed to Paintball!
  • Paintball! was copied by Jaredvaldez4 in 2012, and got more place visits than the original. Daxter33's version of the game did not surpass Jared's game slot until after Jaredvaldez4 was deleted.
  • Paintball! was the 4th most played game on Roblox in 2012, after Pieperson50's gameslot, Catalog Heaven, and Base Wars: The Land.
  • Paintball! was visited a total of 10,096,274 times in 2012.
  • Paintball! is the second game ever to get over 20 million visits, and the fifth game to ever get over 300,000 favorites.

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