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Apocalypse Rising Pokemon Adventures (IlIll) Work at a Pizza Place (Dued1)

Pokemon Adventures is a game by IIIII and Barcode Labs , created on October 9, 2011. The game is mainly based on the Pokemon apple show, hence the name of the game. is the For information you can visit the wiki, Pokemon Adventures

Pokemon Adventures


The game starts off in a main menu screen where players can choose to create a new game or load an existing game. They will then be teleported to the Pokémon world, where players can battle against wild Pokémon that they find, such as Rattata, Caterpie etc. Players can also visit Professor Oak at the Lab and Nurse Joy at the PokeCenter in order to restore the Pokémon in their party's health. Now Gone

Raritys Edit

Types of Raritys Edit

(Super Rare)
(Light Switch: On)
(Light Switch: Off)

Pokemon Raritys Edit

Route 1Edit

Ponyta (Day) (Uncommon)
Sentret (Day) (Common)
Pidgey (Common)
Rattata (Common)

Route 2Edit

Caterpie (Day) (Common)
Weedle (Day) (Common)
Metapod (Day) (Common)
Kakuna (Day) (Common)
Pidgey (Day) (Common)
Skorupi (Night) (Uncommon)
Hoothoot (Night)

Snorlax (Event)

Viridian ForestEdit

Pikachu (Uncommon)
Weedle (Common)
Kakuna (Uncommon)
Metapod (Common)
Hoothoot (Night) (Common)
Poochyena (Night) (common)

Pewter CityEdit

Pidgey (Day)(Common)
Rattata (Common)
Mankey (Day) (Rare)
Hoothoot (Night) (Common)
Geodude (Day) (Rare)
Sandshrew (Day) (Rare)

Mew (Legend)

Zubat CaveEdit

Onix (Night) (Rare)
Rhyhorn (Day) (Uncommon)
Zubat (Common)
Geodude (Day) (Uncommon)
Diglett (Day) (Common)
Paras (Night) (Uncommon)

Sneasel (Night) (Rare)

Lapras CoveEdit

Lapras (Rare)
Spheal (Common)
Sneasel  (Rare)
Delibird  (Uncommon)
Swinub (Common)
Shellder (Night) (Rare)
Geodude (Day) (Uncommon)
Absol (Night) (Rare]

Route 3Edit

Oddish (Day) (Common)
Butterfree (Day) (Common)
Beedrill (Day) (Common)
Mankey (Day) (Rare)
Vulpix (Uncommon)
Zubat (Night) (Common)
Noctowl (Night) (Rare)
Raticate (Uncommon)
Yanma (Rare)
Psyduck (Rare)
Mightyena (Night) (Rare)

The Mysterious LakeEdit

Oddish (Day) (Common)
Pidgeotto (Day) (Super Rare)
Surskit (Uncommon)
Pikachu (Uncommon)
Rattata (Common)
Hoothoot (Night) (Common)
Skorupi (Night) (Uncommon)
Psyduck (Rare)
Shellder (Night) (Rare)

Barcode's FieldEdit

Bellsprout (Day) (Common)
Paras (Common)
Vulpix (Day) (Uncommon)
Psyduck (Rare)
Oddish (Day) (Common)
Rattata (Day) (Common)
Zubat (Night) (Common)
Corsola (Night) (Super Rare)
Masquerain (Rare)
Celebi (Event<Over>) (Legend)

Strikethrough text: The Pokemon that appears during Celebi event at the flower bushes (The bushes that reads: ILILL), but the Pokemon is no longer available.

Route 4 Edit

Voltorb (Common)
Yanma (Uncommon)
Pikachu (Day)(Common)
Minun (Day) (Uncommon)
Plusle (Day) (Common)
Vulpix (Night) (Rare)
Golbat (Night) (Common)

Shinx (Day) (Rare)
Furret (Day) (Uncommon)


Rattata (Common)

Paras (Common)

Furret (Uncommon) (Light Switch: On)

Koffing (Common)

Wooper (Common)

Ghastly (Uncommon(Night) (Light Switch: Off)

Haunter (Rare(Night) (Light Switch: Off)

Misdreavus (Uncommon(Night) (Light Switch: Off)

Duskull (Uncommon(Night) (Light Switch: Off)

Shuppet (Rare(Night) (Light Switch: Off)

Wooper (Common)

Shroomish (Rare)

Skourpi (Common)

Carnivine (Uncommon)



Event list Edit


Roblox Pokemon Adventures Celebi

Celebi (Event<on>) (Barcode's field) (Common)


(Level 100)



Mew (Event<on)) on the map at pewter city)☀(Common)

☀(Day) (Badge)

(The Level is depends on your pokemon level, 3 levels stronger than your pokemon level)

Halloween EventEdit

Ghost Pokemon adventures

Halloween Event (Event<On>) (Ghost-type pokemons) (Night) (Anywhere on the map) (Badge)

(The Level is depends on your pokemon level, 5-15 level weaker than your pokemon level)

5 Million Visits EventEdit

Shiny + Double ExpEdit

Psyduck and shiny psyduck

Shiny Event (Event<On>) (Shiny rate changes from 1/5000 to 1/200 + Double EXP) (Part 1 of 5 million visits event)

A New Trainer / PiperEdit

Piper Event (Event<On>) (The Piper is a criminal wanted by Officer Jenny. ) (Part 2 and part 3 of 5 million visits event) (Anywhere on the map) (Badge)

-The Piper is a strong trainer (Depends on your pokemon level, 4-14 level above you). He spawns once per 5 minutes. He commonly spawn at lapras cove and uncommonly spawn at Barcode's Field, Route 2, and Pallet Town. When he's defeated, he drops a flute that the player can then pick up. This flute is an item usable in Part 3 of the 5 million visits event.

Tips: It's better to buy potions if your Pokemon are level 15-35 (Your team), If your Pokemon are level 35+, you need a strategy to battle him (like finding his Pokemon's weakness), and it's unnecessary to buy potions. There is a chance you can beat him with low level Pokemon, but its too hard.

Snorlax Edit


Snorlax (Event) (Needed Piper Flute) (Snorlax spawns by Miss Piper at Route 2, it seems Miss Piper has unlimited Snorlax) (Route 2) (Badge)

(The Level is depends on your pokemon level, it is 0-11 level stronger than your pokemon)

You can encounter more Snorlax in the grass after battling the sleeping one (You need to use the flute), you must send out your Pokemon while battling the sleeping one then put back your pokemon, they will appear in the grass (Only at Route 2). If you battle the sleeping Snorlax at daytime, the effect will be gone when its Night in-game time. If you battle the sleeping Snorlax at Night, the effect will be gone when its Day in-game time.


Eevee(Event<Over>) (Part 4 of 5 Million Visits) (Route 2)

Nurse Joys and Officer Jenny had been freed by Brock Obama, but Mrs Piper got Brock Obama and knocked him out, Mrs.Piper left with the truck followed by Eevees. Some Eevees are still there, The Nurse Joys and Officer Jenny give players free level 5 Eevee inside a Premier Ball.

Trainer's PokémonEdit

Route 2Edit

Viridian ForestEdit

Pewter CityEdit

Bug Catcher John =Weedle,Caterpie
Bug Catcher Jane =Weedle,Caterpie,Metapod,Kakuna
Bug Catcher Juliet =Metapod,Metapod,Kakuna
Bug Catcher Jimmy =Caterpie,Caterpie,Caterpie
Pokemaniac Janet =Pikachu,Butterfree
Bug Catcher Natalia =Yanma , Skorupi
Bug Catcher Rebecca =WeedleWeedleWeedle
Bug Catcher Scarlet=Shiny Beedrill, Shiny Butterfree Skorupi Ledian
Secret Service Dave =Geodude,Geodude
Secret Service Steve =Rhyhorn
Noob 1=PikachuRaticate

Lapras CoveEdit

Route 3Edit

Barcode's Field Edit

Arctic Noob 1 =SphealSwinub
Arctic Noob 2 =Lapras
Arctic Noob 3 =Delibird
Arctic Noob 4 =SphealPidgeySneasel
Arctic Noob 5 =SphealSphealSwinubRattata
Arctic Noob 6 =RattataOddish
Noob 2 =Yanma
Noob 3 =CharmeleonIvysaurWartortle
Noob 4 =MightyenaParasectNoctowl
Annoying Noob=MetapodKakunaMetapodKakunaMetapodKakuna
Bug Catcher Jake=SurskitMasquerainYanmaMetapod
Bug Catcher Jacob=ParasParasectYanmaKakuna

Noob 6 =VulpixPonytaPikachu
Noob 7 =SurskitCorsolaPsyduck
School Girl Rebecca = Bellsprout, Bellossom, Parasect
Unexpected Abby = Weavile, Ninetales, Metapod, Onix
School Girl Vanessa = Gloom, Golduck, Weepinbell, Sealeo

Route 4Edit

Electrifiying Noob 1= Voltorb, Electrode
Electrifying Noobette 1 = Minun, Plusle
Electrifying Noobette 2 = Raichu, Minun, Electrode
Electrifying Noobette 3=Pikachu, Plusle, Electrode
Electrifying Noob 2= Voltorb, Pikachu, Luxio, Minun

Gym LeadersEdit

President Cardboard Obama = Rock Round RockRhyhornOnix

Mrs. Claus = SwinubDelibirdLapras, Sneasel

Sunshine = Masquerain, Golduck, Bellossom, Vileplume, Victreebel, Corsola

Eugene = Electrode, Minun, Plusle, Rattata, Pikachu, Raichu


You need to click the NPCs to talk with them.

Pallet TownEdit

Professor Oak : Heals Pokémon

Viridian CityEdit

Officer Jenny : Heals Pokémon
Shop Owner : Sells Items and pokemon

Route 2 Edit

Tina : Informs player what she watched
Entrepreneurial Noob : Nothing
Nurse Joys and Officer Jenny: Gives free Eevees.

Pewter CityEdit

Officer Jenny : Heals Pokémon
Shop Owner : Sells Items
IlIllduck : Re-learn Pokémon moves

Lapras CoveEdit

Officer : Heals Pokémon
Shop Owner : Sell Items
Ice Rock : Evolves a Eevee to a Glaceon if a Eevee has touched it

Barcode's FieldEdit

Officer Jenny : Heals Pokémon
Shop Owner : Sell Items
Mossy Rock : Evolves a Eevee to a Leafeon if a Eevee touched it

Lemondrop CityEdit

Officer Jenny : Heals Pokémon
Shop Owner : Sell Items
Professor Lemon: Sells evolution stones
Pipers: Sells Additional Eevees

Shop ItemsEdit

Name Effect Price Tix / R$
PokéBall Regular PokéBall $10 50Tix
Potion Gives 20 HP to a Pokemon. $200 55Tix
Super Potion Gives 50 HP to a Pokemon. $700
Great Ball A PokéBall that has a higher catch chance than a regular PokéBall. $20 98Tix
Ultra Ball A PokéBall that has a higher catch chance than a Great Ball $30 R$25
Master Ball A PokeBall that has a 100% catch chance. $40 R$498
Friendship Stone A strange heart shaped stone that radiates positive energy. It allows certain kinds of Pokemon to evolve (Makes Golbat and Eevee evolve.) R$10
Pipers Flute A Flute held by Piper to wake up Snorlax $500 R$0

Tix / Robux items can be purcashed at the Mobile Mart, Click the "Bag" menu, and then click "SHOP NOW!". To buy with Pokedollars (In-game money), go to the PokéCenter and go upstairs and Click the Shop Owner.

You can only buy the Pipers Flute at Entrepreneurial Noob at Route 2.

The strike-throughed sentence was an event that finished and can no longer be accessed.

There is 1/500 chance you can find any items (Including evolutionary stones, potions, PokéBalls, etc.) (excluding Pipers Flute, Master Ball)

Pokémon EvolutionsEdit

Evolvable Pokemon
Bulbasaur lvl 16 ->
Ivysaur lvl 32 ->
Charmander lvl 16 ->
Charmeleon lvl



Squirtle lvl 16 ->
Wartortle lvl




Pidgey --18--> Pidgeotto --36--> Pidgeot
Spheal --32--> Sealeo --44--> Walrein
Caterpie --7--> Metapod --10--> Butterfree
Weedle --7--> Kakuna --10--> Beedrill
Shinx --15--> Luxio --30--> Luxray
Bellsprout --21--> Weepinbell --Leaf Stone--> Victreebel
Oddish --21--> Gloom --Leaf Stone/Sun Stone--> Vileplume/Bellossom
Swinub --33--> Piloswine --Ancient Power--> Mamoswine
Sentret --15--> Furret
Yanma --Ancient Power--> Yanmega
Ponyta --40--> Rapidash
Rattata --20--> Raticate
Surskit --22--> Masquerain
Hoothoot --20--> Noctowl
Sandshrew --22--> Sandslash
Zubat --22--> Golbat --Friendship Stone--> Crobat
Paras --24--> Parasect
Diglett --26--> Dugtrio
Psyduck --33--> Golduck
Mankey --28--> Primeape
Geodude --25--> Graveler
Rhyhorn --42--> Rhydon
Skorupi --40--> Drapion
Voltorb --30--> Electrode
Shuppet --37--> Banette
Duskull --37--> Dusclops
Gastly --25--> Haunter
Vulpix --Fire Stone--> Ninetales
Pikachu --Thunderstone--> Raichu
Sneasel --Razor Claw--> Weavile
Misdreavus --Dusk Stone--> Mismagius
Eevee --Ice Rock(Lapras Cove)--> Glaceon
Eevee --Mossy Rock(Barcode's Field)--> Leafeon
Eevee --Friendship Stone(Day)--> Espeon
Eevee --Friendship Stone(Night)--> Umbreon
Eevee --Water Stone--> Vaporeon
Eevee --Fire Stone--> Flareon
Eevee --Thunderstone--> Jolteon
Shellder --Water Stone--> Cloyster
Poochyena --18-> Mightyena
Onix --20-> steelix
Unevolvable Pokemon
Lapras Delibird
mewtwo Corsola
Plusle Minun
Celebi Mew

How to Evolve a Pokemon?

Pokémon MovesEdit






  • Tackle [15s]
  • Quick Attack [20s]
  • Scratch [15s]
  • Take Down [30s]
  • Body Slam [35s]
  • Defense Curl [20s]
  • Fury Swipes [35s]
  • Harden [30s]
  • Howl [20s]
  • Tail Whip [30s]
  • Leer [30s]
  • Present [20s]
  • Recover [45s]
  • Sing [35s]
  • Stomp [25s]
  • Swift [30s]
  • Horn Attack [25s]
  • Scary Face [60s]
  • Slash [30s]
  • Growl [20s]
  • Fury Attack [30s]
  • Growth [40s]
  • Skull Bash [35s]
  • Screech [30s]
  • Mega Punch
  • Pound
  • Metronome
  • Snore [35s]
  • Yawn [40s]
  • Swords Dance [40s]
  • Smelling Salts [40s]
  • Low Kick [30s]
  • Karate Chop [25s]
  • Double Kick [30s]
  • Reversal
  • Force Palm [40s]
  • Mach Punch [20s]
  • Sky Uppercut [35s]
  • Arm Thrust [30s]
  • Gust [15s]
  • Wing Attack [15s]
  • Air Slash [35s]
  • PoisonPowder [25s]
  • Poison Fang [35s]
  • Poison Sting [15s]
  • Acid [20s]
  • Acid Armour [45s]
  • Smog [40s]
  • Earthquake [40s]
  • Sand-Attack [45s]
  • Dig [40s]
  • Mud Bomb [45s]






  • AncientPower [45s]
  • Rock Throw [55s]
  • Rock Tomb [50s]
  • Rock Polish [50s]
  • Rollout [30s]
  • Bug Bite [28s]
  • Leech Life [35s]
  • String Shot [20s]
  • Pin Missile
  • Astonish [25s]
  • Shadow Claw [35s]
  • Hex [40s]
  • Shadow Punch [30s]
  • Curse [40s]
  • Shadow Ball [35s]
  • Night Shade
  • Shadow Sneak [20s]
  • Lick [20s]

Metal Claw [25s]

  • Ember [25s]
  • Fire Fang [35s]
  • Flamethrower [35s]
  • Will-O-Wisp [35s]
  • Flare blitz [50s]
  • Lava plume [40s]






  • Bubble [20s]
  • Water Gun [25s]
  • Water Pulse [30s]
  • Withdraw [20s]
  • Hydro Pump [45s]
  • Aqua Tail [40s]
  • Aqua ring [40s]
  • Muddy Water [40s]
  • Absorb [25s]
  • Sleep Powder [45s]
  • Stun Spore [30s]
  • Magical Leaf [30s]
  • Leech Seed [40s]
  • Grass Whistle [20s]
  • Petal Dance
  • Razor Leaf
  • Seed Bomb [35s]
  • Thunder Fang [35s]
  • ThunderShock[20s]
  • Thunder Wave [30s]
  • Spark [40s]
  • Charge Beam [60s]
  • Discharge [35s]
  • Thunderbolt [35s]
  • Hypnosis [40s]
  • Confusion [25s]
  • Zen Headbutt[35s]
  • Psychic
  • Rest [40s]
  • Amnesia [50s]
  • Agility [15s]
  • Psybeam [20s]
  • Barrier [30s]
  • Ice Shard [20s]
  • Icy Wind [40s]
  • Powder Snow [35s]
  • Ice Fang [35s]
  • Hail [40s]
  • Aurora Beam [30s]
  • Ice beam [40s]



  • Dragon Rage [40s]
  • Twister [30s]
  • Dragon Claw [35s]
  • Bite [25s]
  • Faint Attack [30s]
  • Sucker Punch [45s]
  • Dark Pulse [35s]
  • Pursuit [20s]
  • Nasty Plot [50s]
Desc. : s = stamina used


How Do You Battle?Edit

How to Battle
How to battle1
Click a Pokeball/Ultraball/Greatball/Masterball on the left side of the screen. A Pokémon GUI with it's moves will appear.

After its there, Click the wild/foe's Pokémon or click "NW" to make your Pokémon follow that Pokémon. Select and click the move of your Pokémon, and then your Pokemon should be attacking your foe. Click Jump to avoid some moves. You will get some exp by defeating a pokemon, the max level is 55.

To turn on Pvp, Click "PvP is OFF" and the text will change into "PvP is ON", You can attack someone's pokémon if their PvP is turned on. You will not get any exp from battling by PvP.

How Do You Save The Game?Edit

At the up side of the screen, You will see some of the Menu, Click the "Save" Menu.
How to save
How to save1

And then you will see a GUI appear at the center of your screen. Click Save and then a red-colored GUI will appear with text saying "Progress has been SAVED!" To close the GUI, click the "Save" Menu again.

How Do You Evolve a Pokémon?Edit

To evolve a Pokémon, send out your Pokémon and then click Evolve (Only appears if your Pokemon is above or at the level required to evolve Click to check the Evolutions )

How to Evolve1
How to Evolve

After that a GUI will appear above the battle GUI. Click the Pokémon icon to evolve your Pokémon. Then the text above your pokemon will appear saying "(Pokémon's name) is evolving" and then your Pokemon will turn into its evolved form.

How to Store/Release/Get Pokémon from the PC?Edit

Go to the nearest Pokecenter. On the right side of the Nurse Joy, you will see a PC. Click the PC and then click Party Pokémon (Below the boxes). Click the Pokémon you want to Store, and then click deposit (On the right side). To get it back, click Box Pokémon, and then click the Pokémon you want to get to your party, and then click Withdraw. There is 1 Box / 36 Pokemon boxes in the PC for your Pokémon. If you want the 2nd box you need to buy it with R$, click here for box expansion, it have the same function of box 1 but the box has a goldish color.

To release Pokémon, click the Pokémon you want to release, then click release on the right side (Next to Deposit/Withdraw) and then click Yes. Your Pokémon should be gone/released.

Apocalypse Rising Pokemon Adventures (IlIll) Work at a Pizza Place (Dued1)
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