Roblox Games Wiki

ROBLOX Pokemon GO! is a game created by HeavenLogin & ScriptSkater with over 38 million visits and is based on the mobile game of the same name. Players travel around a city in order to collect all of the Pokemon available, leveling up as they do so. Trading was introduced during the month of October but has since been removed and gifts were also added to the game which rewards a player with a Pokemon chosen at random. 

Though the gameplay is similar to the real game, there are some differences such as:

  1. PokeStops are only used for placing Lure Modules and cannot be used to collect things such as Potions, PokeBalls, etc. There are also no Gyms in the game.
  2. If a Pokemon shows up, only one player is allowed to catch it and then it respawns unlike the real game where everyone is able to catch a Pokemon.