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To enhance the game, there are also VIPS:

  • VIP : The first VIP. Players are in first class on Titanic. They have a lot of features, such as 300 health point, tea, more badges etc. On the ship, there are VIP-only accesses, only VIPS can pass. The regular VIP access on D Deck is the fi
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  • To launch the lifeboats, you must have at least Super VIP.
  • If you stay in submerged in the water for too long, you will die of Hypothermia.
  • The boiler room is a dangerous room. Beside from flooding, some ROBLOXians will close the doors and you will be trapped in the room.
  • To open a gate, just click on it.
  • Don't stay in the lower chambers. The water will come and it will kill you.
  • If the four lifeboats are gone, you can take the lifeboats from the bridge's roof, but watch out! The first funnel will FALL and it will kill you.
  • Dodge the funnels. The first and the fourth funnels can easily be dodged, but the second and third funnel are dangerous because they fall at a high speed, killing you and other people while not expecting them.
  • Don't stay on the glass dome. The water will destroy it and you will fall in Grand Staircase and you will die.
  • During the final moments. don't stay between the third and fourth funnel. That's the break point, and you will fall.
  • After the Titanic split in two, don't stay on the bow. It will sink faster and you will be sucked down by the bow.
  • Using a grappling hook can save your life.


Another game that is made by the same creator normally titled ROBLOX Titanic II is created in the same year and it has the same feature as this game, but it has a different graphic and different tip.


  • Some servers were hacked for unknown reason, such as adding foreign objects, VIPs not working etc.
  • This is the most famous game made by TheAmazeman.
  • TheAmazeman also created two games with Titanic, one called ROBLOX Titanic II, and the other one is called Disaster Ship. These games are rarely played.
  • Some servers break when the ship splits in two.