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Roblox space program is a sci-fi game developed chennai94 and 74325 and created on 4/6/2016 and has already accumulated 33 visits in its first days of existing 

Backstory (according to the games description)Edit

In 201X the Roblox Space Association started to detect strange objects and sounds in space. Later in 2032 they started a program that would send out 20 astrounauts into space for five years to find out what was it they detected, You as a child wanted to always become an astronaut so you decided to enroll in the program

Features in the gameEdit

In the game there are 5 rockets each one is near a purple square when the purple square is stepped on it teleports and regenerates the rocket

Planned features (according to roblox and twitter)Edit

The developer of the game (chennai94) has written a list of planned features that will be in the game here they are:

Planned features for the future:

-The ability to create and customize your own rocket

-Earth and moon expansion

-More DLC

-More planets


-Your own space station