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Robloxity is a Town and City game by 1dev3. It was launched in mid-March of 2013. The game was already in development as early as 2011, but was, however, not launched until much later because of 1dev2 being wrongfully banned due to the April 1 hack in 2012; it is claimed that he received a large amount of Tickets, Robux and Limited Hats that day, and a moderator thought that 1dev2 was giving himself all of these and attempting to disrupt Roblox's economy. The game has over 2 million place visits and is growing in popularity exponentially. It has resided on the first page of the games section since its actual launch. The game has over 100000 favorites.



The game itself is a Town and City RPG (Role-playing game) in which players can take on many different roles or jobs, including a police officer, news and much more.

Lots of people would be in roleplays, MORE communication with players ingame.

You would be available to choose to be an adult, child, dog, or cat. The map contains a large city where skyscapers and shops dominate the urban landscape. A few smaller-scale cities are located on the outskirts of the larger city. Both cities are separated by a river connected by a bridge and surrounded with a countryside and desert landscape. Unlike most town and city roleplay games, the location of various things in the cities are really spread out; they are connected by a series of rolling highways. Housing is also spread out throughout the map, as opposed to being very concentrated in neighborhoods. Like Welcome to the Town of Robloxia, players can earn money by getting a job. 1dev3 recently released a new update that saves a player's money. The city has a few resemblances of many present-day real-life urban cities, such as New York CityNew York and Atlanta, Georgia.


The game has been awarded mostly positive criticism, being very popular among players, mainly for its large map and roleplay abilities. The realism of the city and gameplay has also been met with critical acclaim. However, it has also accumulated some negative reviews against its removed ability to buy items from shops like in 1dev2's previous successors, and many users have also started to criticize the in-game weapons that are present in the place. There are also an excessive amount of online daters present in the game, much like its predecessor. Right now, many hackers found ways to hack Robloxity money, because it is hard to get money from working in that game.

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