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Slender Man's Revenge (now known as Slender Man's Revenge REBORN) is a game created by Zoidberg656 on May 1, 2012. It has accumulated over 20 Million visits as of May 28 2018. Players defend each other from the Slender Man which chases random players. In this game, Slender Man is much faster than other Slender Man games. Stranded in the forest, players try to survive as long as possible.

Game Place History Edit

2012 Version: There is a lobby in which players spawn into upon joining a server, from there you can choose from a number of spawn points that will take you to various areas around the map.

A key advantage in finding your way around is to find the power plant and restore power to the town but it is difficult to locate it.

Charlie and Kate were also added to the game, but when you view their statues in the lobby, there is text that says "Don't Ask For New Characters At All! I'm Not Adding Any More." Most Likely due to Zoidberg656 getting too many requests for new characters.

2013 Version: Kate didn't make angry dog noises like she does now, she used to make annoying screaming noises and didn't have a weapon in her hand.

2014 Version: Kate was once replaced by a creepypasta made by Zoidberg656 called Maxwell and Slender would randomly jumpscare you, but you would still be alive and it would play a ring sound. Maxwell would shout out threatening messages like,"I'll rip your head off!", "I will kill you!" Maxwell's look is a brown hoodie with ripped holes and a brown hood, he had a red scar on his face. Zoidberg656 didn't want any confusion, so he put Kate back into the game and Maxwell was gone forever.

Enemies Edit

  • Slender Man
  • Kate The Chaser(Upgraded)
  • Charlie Matheson Jr.
  • Maxwell (Re-added)

Morphs Edit

  • Sans (Removed)
  • Papyrus (Removed)
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