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Survive The Disasters!
Game information
Created by: TyeMan
Created on: 8/17/2010
Total no. of visits (rounded) 3,111,265
Genre Horror
Welcome to Survive the Disasters! 18 maps and counting.

Survive The Disasters! is a Horror game by TyeMan. This game is approximately and was released on 17 August, 2010. Players have to survive disasters from map, hence the name of the game. During autumn of 2012, during when the map changer was bugged, and during when the Farm Map was added, TyeMan made a goof saying 19 maps and counting. In December 2012, TyeMan was banned for unknown reasons, so there were no more updates, no more disasters, and no more maps added. The desc is now content deleted.


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It is unknown how many disasters are in this game.

  1. Giant Domo - A giant wild disaster that is very fast and can kill easily, unless if something blocks the disaster. Sometimes it flies off.
  2. Giant Noob - A cute giant disaster that can get to the house and destroy and alternate. Sometimes it flies off.
  3. Noobs - Cute walking disaster that can get the nearest person and alternate.


There are currently 18 maps in this game.

  1. City/Park Map - This map has a city with only a few buildings.
  2. Frozen Fields - This map has snow and a frozen river with a small frozen waterfall. This map was also switched to being the third map in an update.
  3. Volcano Valley - This map has two volcanoes, with a bridge and some lava rivers, (which the lava is unkillable). This map was also switched to being the second map in an update.
  4. Nature - This map has trees and two short elevated hills.
  5. Desert - This map has an oasis, and more things for the map.
  6. Aqua - This map has an underwater sky with fish.
  7. Space - The map has a moon like ground. In later updates, it included the sun and some planets.
  8. Green Hill Zone - Based on the game SONIC, this map has a sonic like area.
  9. Picnic Table - This map has a wooden ground with food.
  10. Halloween - This map has trees with no leaves with some pumkins. It also includes a grave.
  11. Minecraft - Based on the game Minecraft, this map was a minecraft area.
  12. Cod City - This map has factory buildings and different things.
  13. Northern Hills - This map has hills and an opened area.
  14. Red Brick City - This map has red brick builings.
  15. Crossroads - Based on the game Crossroads by ROBLOX, this map has a Crossroads map, but different mostly in an area. This map was also switched to being the sixteenth map in an update.
  16. Sewer - This map has a sewer and some pipes. This map was also switched to being the fifteenth map in an update.
  17. Mario - Based on the game Mario, this map has a mario area.
  18. Thanksgiving - This map has a farmland with turkeys. It is known to be the final map.




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JoeverMcCool's --Best Summer Camp Ever-- contest e Survive The Disasters! (TyeMan) dade32549's Place