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THE PURGE is a horror game by Vendicular created on April 21, 2013. The game is based on the movie The Purge. The game takes place in a suburban home to the Sandin family. One killer is randomly chosen, similar to how they choose the stalker, and is released after one minute for the victims to hide. The main role, for the killer, is to kill all of their victims before the time runs out. If the killer claims victorious, the killer will earn 50 points. However if the victims who are left have not been killed, they each receive 20 points.


The Purge is a hide-and-seek game, in which the killer has to try to find the victims of the Sandin family and eliminate them all. The game starts when at least two members are on a server in order to start the annual purge. The server randomly picks a killer and becomes a killer for that round. Victims will have 60 seconds to hide before the killer is let loose.

The killer cannot see the victims' name, but the victim can see the killer's name.


NamePts required
Removed Face/Torsos/Body25

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smartwicked's Place THE PURGE (Vendicular) helllloworld's Place