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The Club Penguin World is a game by pannedthepan created on March 26, 2013. Players spawn in several places such as on top of the coffee shop, near the night club etc. The game will not be updated anymore, due to the creator being banned.


Arrow Keys
Touch puffleEarn the badge


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The game was created to be a replica of Club Penguin where you can waddle around and meet new friends.


IconNameDescriptionCreation date
TCPWBluePuffleBlue PuffleFind the Blue Puffle!March 27, 2013
TCPWPinkPufflePink PuffleFind the Pink Puffle!March 26, 2013
TCPWBlackPuffleBlack PuffleFind the Black Puffle!March 27, 2013
TCPWGreenPuffleGreen PuffleFind the Green Puffle!March 27, 2013
TCPWRedPuffleRed PuffleFind the Red Puffle!March 28, 2013
TCPWPurplePufflePurple PuffleFind the Purple Puffle!March 28, 2013
TCPWSenseiSenseiBe in the same room as Sensei!March 27, 2013
TCPWRockhopperRockhopperBe in the same room as Rockhopper!March 28, 2013


  • The Black Puffle badge will never be obtainable.

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kjeve123's Place The Club Penguin World (pannedthepan) ztffj's Place