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The Iron Cafe

The Iron Cafe is a game created by IronInforcer. The Iron Cafe was originally a free model which Iron obtained, and made several changes to. The place then became extremely popular, with over 5.9 million visits. The place has been content deleted multiple times, mainly because of the online dating (ODing) that takes place in the game. The game is sometimes criticized for the ODing that takes place there. However, Iron condemnes the ODing in the game, and it is specifically against the game rules. He is currently focusing on updating the cafe. The club has been copied multiple times, including by famous players SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX and Jaredvaldez4 as "The ROBLOX Dance Club!" and much more.


Players spawn outside of the cafe. Inside, there is a little cafe where players can sit and enjoy something to eat. If players go downstairs, there is a nightclub. The nightclub contains a stage, dancefloor, tables, a coffee bar, and an area for players that have bought VIP. This game was meant for partying and having fun!

Christina8787 ControversyEdit

In 2009, a user named Christina8787 put up advertisments for her own place, Club Christy, which insulting the Iron Cafe and IronInforcer. These ads boasted that her version of the cafe was a lot better than Iron's. This caused a lot of controversy on Christy's part, and a lot of users criticized her both for her ads and her place. This seemed to make Iron's place more popular.


On January 3, 2013, the Iron Cafe was completely redesigned. It had a completely new look comparing it to the old Iron Cafe. An example is that players no longer spawn outside.