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Looking for the old, classic Unknown Demise, see here.

Unknown Demise is horror game by Superfighter, created on June 24, 2011. In Unknown Demise, players work as detectives to find all six pieces of evidence, hidden in different areas. Once a player picks up a piece of evidence, they are to return it to the truck to ensure the evidence is safe. Players can only carry one piece of evidence at a time.

In the area, demons and ghosts haunt the area. If one is caught by them, they enter the lobby and then wait for the next round to start. Similar to Outlast, each player is given a battery-operated camera that works as a "stun gun". It is used as a weapon to see the demon and stun the demon.


L ClickCamera flash
FToggles light
RReload batteries


The game works similar to Outlast. Each player is given with a battery-operated camera. This can be used as a stun gun and a ghost detector. Players must work together to retrieve all six evidence and bring them back to the truck, whilst holding one evidence at a time.

In order to stun the ghost, players must use the camera to spot where it is and clicking the ghost.



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MarkedBlaze12's Place Unknown Demise (Superfighter) QuietDman123's Place
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