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WipeOut Obby AUDI80

WipeOut Obby is a famous game created on February 25th, 2009 by AUDI80. As the name suggested, this is an obby based off of the ABC TV show Wipeout. This is also the 16th most played game of all time, with more than 7.3 million place visits and 217,000 favorites. It dominates the Sports category almost every day, being #1.


People will spawn on a platform beside a lake surrounded by trees behind a gate similar to the show. They then go down a path and face a multitude of obstacles (called stages in the game) (e.g. big balls, swings, sweeper, platforms, etc.) to reach the end and reap rewards. At the end of each stage lies a checkpoint. If they fall down off the path, they will go through the water and fall off the map. Once they reach the end, they will be back on shore and reach a building full of prizes (e.g. helicopters, badges, paths). The building also has teleporters to a slide, boats, and such.


Here is a more detailed list of stage examples:

  • Players must walk on a path around a contraption that moves a hoop, wall, and sprayer opposite the direction Players must walk. Touching the hoop or water sprayed will kill you.
  • Players must hop on small circular platforms to advance. The platforms are water level and are aligned in a curvy line.
  • Players must barrage through several Big Balls flipped upside down, aligned as walls. They then must run across a path while Big Balls are being thrown at them from both sides to proceed.
  • Players must hop from Big Ball to Big Ball (red circular balls) to reach the other side and progress.


As a result of the popularity of the game, several clones of this game have been formed. In the end, only one of them haves sustained their popularity. That would be AustinL85's game (with 717k visits, not near AUDI's). Although its prominence has tampered off, it is now deep within the Sports genre.

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