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Water World Park (sunnygirl23415) ~X~!Welcome To My Profile!~X~ (StandingTramer) DestroyerSnake's Place Number: 1
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~X~!Welcome To My Profile!~X~ StandingTramer

~X~!Welcome To My Profile!~X~ is a game by StandingTramer created on February 28, 2012. Players spawn in front of a model of StandingTramer where they can build things, check the CFrame and teleport. Once the player checks the things they can build with, a glitch may occur. The player won't be able to close the menu, making it harder to build with.

The world is a Mega Place so the maximum per server is 30, though people think this would make it overcrowded as it is in a small world. It is set to night time.


There are three tools to start with.


The CFrame checks where the user is. The user can change the number by re-typing it with their keyboard. This is the least common tool to use as several people don't know what it is or how to use it. The CFrame is currently a work in progress as stated in the description.


The teleport button teleports the user to another position. This is currently broken so no information can currently be given out.

Building ToolEdit

The Building Tool is the most common tool anyone will use in the world. It has a total of 42 different tools and uses from resizing to ladders etc. There is a glitch in this tool where the user can't close the menu.


Only one glitch is found throughout the game.

  • Once the building tool menu opens, it can't close.
Water World Park (sunnygirl23415) ~X~!Welcome To My Profile!~X~ (StandingTramer) DestroyerSnake's Place Number: 1
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